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White Bumps/Red spots on shaft of penis and balls

          Well this morning I was trimming up 7 months of pubic hair since I was in lock up, and about 10 minutes after finishing I noticed all these wierd bumps on my penis, and my balls, Then I looked at the underside of my penis and I saw two fairly large red marks going up my penis, and I looked more closly and saw that the red mark leads on to my scrotum as well. there are some white and red bumps, and I tried popping them, all that came out was this wierd clear liquid, what I also noticed is that my public hair is coming out of some (which is normal) but the colour of my public hair is not. It comes out white, or really grey. My balls are actually starting to become to look like grey. Also, my penis is being really wierd as well, its getting really limp, and not its true size anymore, its becoming grey aswell. The red marks on my penis actually look like burn marks, but when it goes down to the scrotum, its just red, I just got out of treatment, in which I got tested for everything, and I came up clean, and I've only had sex with my girlfriend, who as well, came up as clean, I'm going to a doctor soon, but I'm really freaking out. I want to know what this **** is. At first I thought it was my girlfriend that gave me this, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. I forgot to mention since my penis is not its true size right now, all my extra skin is just there and when I held my penis to take a ****, it felt hard, i felt through all the skin, it doesn't feel like a normal soft penis. (of mine of course) please someone quickly answer me, I'm seriously scared to death.
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I also forgot to add that after a while it went down a little bit, it was real itchy near my happy trail but after a little bit it stopped, I looked at it after my interview at my new job, and it was all grey, bumps still there, and right under the shaft of my penis, and the very top on my scrotum, was the irritated area with the most bumps, still red, but didn't hurt. Then after reading some posts on here about using hot washcloths, and shower and use alot of soap and water, it just went back to when I first initially saw it. I looked at it just now, and it seems to be in "idle" mode, grey, limp, and still a **** load of bumps, please. ******* help me out
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Did you trim your hairs with a dull razor? Because the bumps could be from razor burn.

I'm not sure what you mean by grey- the hair or the skin? Pubic and body hair gets grey like any other and can even be albino. (I actually once met a girl with white eyelashes on one eye, quite freaky.) Anyway, if it's just the hair, no worries that's pretty normal. Not everyone starts going grew in their pubic regions, but it does happen. Now if its the skin that could likely be from foods- malnutrition or something else and you should see a dr. Can I ask what and where you were locked up for? You said treatment, are you an addict? Even after drugs are out of your system you're body is still playing catch up for a while. It took my sister to hit her 4th month sober mark from methamphetamines to have healthy nails, skin, and hair. You could see improvements but 4 months was when it was back to normal. So if you are just getting back from a rehab, know that your body is still recovering from the drug use long after your done suffering withdrawals. You might want to look into a good multivitamin and try to have an amazingly healthy diet of fresh fruits & veggies, whole grains and good proteins & fats.

Now another thing it could easily be is something like jock itch. So even if the above missed what you were saying it's quite possible it's still something easily treatable- but yeah you should probably see a dr.
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with the bumps, it could be irritation, red bumps sound like ingrown hairs, as for the grey, it could be just discoloration, this happens especially if you wear black or dark underwear, then the sweat in that area causes the color on the fabric of your underwear/pants to rub off and absorb into your skin.
just cam down, breathe, and make sure you mention it to your doctor when you go in, and if you dont have an appointment coming up make one for this week.
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