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White Patch on penis

I have a white patch on various parts of my penis. They've been there for a long time. Initially I ignored them thinking they would heal. However things are getting worse. Now I'm really feeling uncomfortable to show my girlfriend my penis or get into any sexual act. (I'm a virgin, and recently got a gf thats why its concerning me more than ever)

I did check on the internet and it confused me. Is it Vitiligo, balanitis or Psoriasis?

Here are the pics--
Issue with the skin

Issue with the frenulum
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Consult a dermatologist as judging it from the internet may mislead you. As we are not trained in comparing different dermatological disorders. Secondly selecting drugs is another problem as the many drugs with almost similar effects are available. This will also confuse you. This will be a long term treatment. So it is better to consult a dermatologists.
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Have yourself checked by a doctor, a male doctor if you're not comfortable with a female one. It involves a sensitive part of your body thus, it will not be good to treat based on presumption. The condition needs to be identified in order to get proper treatment.
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The white patches on your skin look like Vitiligo.  This is a condition where white patches develop on your skin which is due to loss of colour (pigment) from areas of your skin.  This is harmless.

With regard to the white patch on your frenulum, it you are able to wash this away, this will be smegma.  If you are not able to wash it away, it may be a fungal infection.  

Make an appointment to see your doctor who will be able to examine your penis and will be able to give you a proper diagnosis.

If the doctor suspects a fungal infection, he will prescribe the appropriate medication to treat this or may take a swab of the area to be sent to the laboratory.

Let us know how you get on.

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