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White stuff under the head of my penis, or left and right of the frenulum

Seems to be white stuff with a size of a salt attached to the left and right of my frenulum. It's been going for years and i havent gone to a doctor since i couldn't muster the courage to tell my parents about it. I'm pretty sure its bacteria or an infection. Sometimes i can clean it out or remove it with my fingers. It doesnt hurt or itch, no discomforts in anyway, It does give a smell though. https://imgur.com/a/Q1N4gXS
photo for reference.
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Your photo is very clear, and very helpful in formulating my very speculative two cents' worth.  I do not believe the white bits are any type of usual smegma---too tiny, too specifically and symmetrically located, too little material, too persistent ("been going for years").  Smegma is typically distributed randomly in random form at random times on the glans per se, in normally a much greater amount than you show.  You apparently do practice good cleaning habits, and possibly are familiar with smegma's appearance (not all men experience it, or only extremely rarely [as in my case]).  But frankly. I'm baffled.  Never have encountered your situation.  So absolutely DO tell your parents about it.  At your apparent age they will not have seen your penis (certainly not in such detail) for many years, so they can't act if they don't know your situation.  And having  your well-being at heart, they should.  Absolutely no cause to be embarrassed---it's just another part of your body like tonsils or a foot.   Do ask to see a doctor because of the mysteriousness and unusualness of your situation.  And PLEASE LET US KNOW THE SOLUTION TO THE CONUNDRUM...!!!  ~~~  Just for the record:  contrary to popular myth, smegma is not unhealthful, not cancer-causing.  In fact, many modern medical authorities speculate that it is actually beneficial in preventing infection---or at the very least, harmless.
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Just asking, do you masturbate?  Do you engage in sex?  That's also what dried ejaculate looks like, from both men and women.  If you don't wipe it clean with soap it'll stick there.  I have no idea if that's what it is, but or if you do that or not.  
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Oh good point.
I do masturbate, still a virgin
Then try washing after masturbating.  Ejaculate is quite sticky, it takes some soap and water to get it off.  If that fixes the problem, then that's the problem.
Thank you for the answer!
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It might be smegma.



It's totally normal to have this - both men and women get it. You just might need to do a better job cleaning your penis.


I don't include that to insult you, but so many men haven't been taught how to do this properly.

If you don't think that's what this is, definitely talk to your parents. They want to know when something is wrong with you, even if it involves your penis.
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I dont really mind since im asking for help here lol, i appreciate the help! sorry for the trouble. I will look into this and hopefully have confidence in myself
No trouble at all - it's what we're here for. If the links don't describe what you have, definitely get it checked out.
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