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Why Am I Still Run Down After 2 Straight Months?

So this was my original post of which I posted on 31 October:

I've been feeling rundown for 2 weeks now. I have not had a fever that I know of. There has been slight nausea, body/muscle aches, some lower back pain, pretty unproductive cough (though sometimes something comes up - not much though), slight pain in left abdomen area not quite to my side (parallel with belly button), near constant headaches, no diarrhea, normal urine from what I can tell (I think I drink enough) and sometimes light headed or a feeling of fuzziness.

Today is 19 December and have the following:

Still feeling run down, still no fever, not really nauseous, just some slight body/muscle aches, still have lower back pain and my cough is still there with very little, if any, production. In addition, I get some pretty strong headaches now and then and when I cough, I get extremely hot and sweaty along with feeling some lightheadedness. When I sing, which I love to do, I have a very hoarse sounding voice of which I don't have when I talk. I feel like I get run down real easy though I work the elliptical 30 minutes a day along with watching my diet.

So with all of this, I'm curious as to what you might say. My other post said maybe post nasal drip or maybe I was coming down with something but I think with an 8+ week cough and other feelings/symptoms, it might be more.

Thoughts? Please serious and not suggest something that can be considered ignorant. Yes, I plan on seeming my PCM when I can get it but till then, I'm looking for possible answers.

Thank you.
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