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Why am I not able to get a longer, stiffer erection than I did 10 years ago?

I'm 66 and while I can obtain a mild erection, it's not firm enough for intercourse. I used to get a longer, stiff erection 10 years ago and using Viagra, etc. does nothing to make it stiffer or longer (used to be 6" now only about 4-1/2"). Can something be done to restore it?
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It happens.  Blood flow changes are probably responsible and it happens as we age.  Have you talked to your doctor about it?
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It’s your diet. Poor blood flow is associated with the Arteries being clogged. Drop all junk food, eat grass feed meat, veggies and cardio to improve heart. Look up unclog arteries naturally on YouTube as well.
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At age 66 this can happen and, in fact is not all that unusual.  Your hormone levels have declined - it's part of aging.  At age 65 approximately  half of men are no longer interested in sex.  Of course you only hear about,  or see on porn the other half because that's what's generally interesting.  Viagra gives most men erections but you have to be truly sexually stimulated to get one.  It's not automatic.

The 6" down to 4 1/2" thing?  Are you obese?  Or have you gained a lot of weight?  That's the most common reason for decreased penile length.  Much of it gets buried in the fat pad at the base of the penis.

At age 66 preventative stuff like a special diet is unlikely to undo what took 40 years to happen.  It is what it is.  Life's short, and at that age, life could be a lot shorter than you think.  Don't punish yourself.  Enjoy the years you have left.
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I'm 64, and what has helped me greatly is the "Broccoli Treatment" recommended by the Prostatitis Foundation. Very easy to google, slightly more difficult to stick to the regime - but effective. The other thing that's been in the news (haven't researched it myself but it's worth a try) is 9-10 tablespoons of high-quality olive oil weekly, which is "said" to combat ED.
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Yes you can make your erection better by focusing on below mentioned points
1) Daily Exercise & Yoga Can Help You
2) Making proper healthy eating habits
3) Stop Addiction
4) Watermelon is best to cure ed problems
5) Take some nuts before going to bed
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Sounds like your veins are clogged. Look for places that perform acoustic wave therapy - this should help.
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