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Why do I have Scrotum skin discolouration?

So, 7 years ago I found out that I have a benign cyst about the size of a small pea and it hasn't bothered me until about a week ago. I noticed it grow in size by maybe double the size, and have been feeling a low 'pain' in the area - more that I can feel it and not actually pain itself. I had an ultrasound today and was told it was a epidermal cyst, and that the full results would be given to me by my doctor in the next week.

I suppose I felt a little self conscious & decided to man-scape before the ultrasound, and noticed some white discolouration in the skin, as well as the hairs being white and not my usual hair colour. No pain, redness, irritation or any other feeling than normal.

1. Could the cyst & skin discolouration be related?

2. What is the skin discolouration, and why is it localised to my scrotum only?
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I assume you've been able to ask your doctor by now, but if it helps, here's a description of that kind of cyst.

An epidermoid, or epidermal, cyst is a small, movable, dome-shaped, smooth-surfaced lump under the skin. It can vary in size from less than a quarter of an inch to more than 2 inches. Epidermoid cysts can occur on almost any skin surface. It forms when surface skin cells move deeper into the skin and multiply. These cells form the wall of the cyst and secrete a soft, yellowish substance called keratin, which fills the cyst. If the wall of the cyst is ruptured, the keratin is discharged into the surrounding skin, which causes irritation and inflammation.

The cyst may remain small for years, or it may continue to get larger. These cysts common in adults. Cysts are not cancerous.

Your doc should be able to advise you regarding whether the white skin and hairs that you noticed are related to the cyst.
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