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Why do I have a white patch on the bottom of my penis?

On the bottom (the underside of the shaft) there is a white patch of skin that is a lot lighter than my normal skin color. It makes me feel self conscious and I just want to know that’s wrong.
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Sometimes we just have areas of our skin that have different pigmentation.  Likely nothing is really wrong.  Is this new?  There is something called lichen sclerosus. This is whitish patches on penis skin. Does it ever itch at all?  https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/penile-discoloration.  Get it checked by your doctor.  It's not serious and normally treated with steroid cream.  
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It’s been there since I was born and it’s always just made me self conscious whenever I think about a girls reaction.
I'll just say this . . . girls don't care, really.  If one random girl does?  You wouldn't want to be with her anyway.  They aren't looking all that closely or critiquing you in that way.  Normally we have a partner that we care about so that kind of thing isn't going to be something we judge them for.  
That’s a good point. I’m just saying my mind can’t get I’ve the fact that I have a spot on my penis that is almost the same shade as the clouds. It’s always been something I’ve been worried about. Thanks a lot.
I’ve hear of penile Melanosis but that’s only when it’s darker not lighter
Ya, don't think that you have to worry about that.  At your next well check doctor's visit, mention the spot and have your doctor look at it.  But really, we are our own worst enemies sometimes.  It is highly doubtful any girl will think less of you because of this or care one bit.  Seriously, I mean that.  It's more your own self consciousness that is the problem here because a girl won't care.  
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