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Why is my testosterone level not increasing after treatment with Dostinex?


I've been having some erectile dysfunction problems and went to an endocrinologist. After an MRI and some blood tests I found I have low testosterone and may have a pituitary microadenoma (<5mm) so I have been taking Dostinex for the past 8 months. However my testosterone levels are barely increasing (to me, it seems  actually randomly increasing/decreasing). If I wake up at night I find that sometimes I have erections but I don't know if every night. Here's a compilation of my blood tests for the past few months: https://postimg.org/image/3smhapq9v/
Any idea what I can do to increase my T levels? Thank you!
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You went to visit with an endocrinologist who prescribed Dostinex which is often used to treat high levels of prolactin.  You may want to return to that doctor to see if he has any further advice for your low testosterone and ED symptoms.  Otherwise, a visit with a urologist may be in order to specifically deal with ED.  
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