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Yeast infection, herpes, what is it?

I am 23 years old and I have had only one sexual partner in my life and that was when I was 17. The relationship ended when I was 18 on a bad note finding out she was cheating on me. Currently, now 5 years down the road, over the past two months I've been having itching around my  scrotum and down my butt crack. Recently I have had a few bumps appear on my penis under the skin that I wound compare to a  cyst and nothing like a blister or open soar. I'm just really clueless on this matter and I want to get this cleared up asap and get an answer because I'll be getting married in 5 months. Thank you for all the info I can get!
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See a doctor to get the right diagnosis.
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Earlier you treat, better it is.It can be a skin diseases as well.
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