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Zero libido & other symp on 34yo male > help with diagnose (LAB RESULTS attached!)

Hi all! I live in the UK and reached your forum looking for some answers. I will see an Endocrinologist soon but I don't know how 'conservative' is - so would like to have some opinions beforehand...

ME: Male / 34yo / No past-current affections / No STDs / No meds / No supplements / Healthy diet / Good sleep

ALL of the symptoms started in my early 20s (34 now) and have increased in a slowly but constant way until many of then became unbearable or I have only realised about them because of how they affect my life.

- low to none/zero libido (sex drive)
- no morning erections
- reduced penis sensitivity
- reduced ejaculation volume
- none spontaneous sexual thoughts/no arousal from watching porn
- premature ejaculation (only in intercourse, not masturbating)
- no working effect of cialis/levitra/viagra (even max dose, only cialis work to some extent) -> because of sex desire lack I think
- somewhat good erections when masturbating only
- slight less superficial (skin) sensitivity on all left side of body (from 2008 stress episode) - CT brain scan was good / No MRI done yet.
- mood swings/irritable (specially when in front of people I know)
- fluctuating low energy (not constant)
- lack of motivation and self confidence
- diminished enthusiasm/depression
- passive attitude / depressed mood
- reduced interest in life
- not looking for desire/reward feeling
- closed to meeting new people/more anti-social
- flushed face when in front of people or stressful situations
- brain fog (not constant, some days I'm really clear)
- "Void" feeling -> as a general description

Currently on psychotherapy but not working. Actually my therapist recommended me seeing an Endocri.

You can review all my lab results in this PDF. All were done around 8-9am after a 12hr fasting.


I did all of those tests after own research, only some where asked by my GP on primary consultation.

After some homework I have noticed from the lab tests:

DHEA-S: Low for optimum range
FSH: Low
Testosterone Total: Low for age
Testo Bioavailable - lab measured: 50% less than calculated
T/E2 ratio: Low
SHBG: Low for age
DHT: Low for age
Cortisol: Low for age (waiting for a 24hr saliva test result)
Progesterone: High for males
IGF-1: Lower range
ACTH: Lower range
TSH: High for optimum range
Homocysteine: High
Lp-PLA2: High
Potassium: Low
Chloride: Low
Uric Acid: High (no gout, ever)
Ferritin: Too High (no hemochromatosis gene present)
Copper: Upper range

Hope you can add you 2cents to this, I'm kind of desperate - specially because of my complete lack of sexual desire being 34!

Would like to find the root of all this and the borderline results - just don't know where to start.

IDEAS from own research:
- Secondary Hypogonadism
- Adrenal Insufficiency
- Hypothyroidism
- Pituitary disorders
- Low Testosterone (causes?)
- Aromatase Disorders

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Hopefully, you will get other answers dealing with your extensive lab results and symptoms.  It is good that you are getting counseling, as my impression is that depression may be largely involved here, and that you may benefit from a medication for that, starting with a low dose.  
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Any reason for your lp-pla2 being elevated?
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