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does size really matter?

One of my friend has problem on his penis size. He is of opinion that 5"+ is the normal size  below < 5 is small.
This size he refers in erectile condition. Do any one clarify his doubt?

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The average erect size is about 5 1/2", but there's a lot of variation around this, some much bigger, some much smaller.  While 5" may be below average, it's still totally normal.  I'd say it would need to be less than 4" to really classify as "small".

Check out www.sizesurvey.com, it's a comprehensive survery of penis size, how much it varies, how much it's related to height (and nose length and big toe size and other myths), different sizes for different racial groups etc.
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Thank you for your information and will pass to my friend in need.
Best of luck.
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Let share some advice on premature ejaculation. do massaging prostrate gland is useful
to overcome it.? Some advice on start n pause in pissing. Is it helpful for timing during sex also.
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It's not something I've ever had a problem with, so I've no personal experience to advise with.

However, I have had success prolonging sex by withdrawing as soon as I feel that I'm starting to build to orgasm, and spending a few minutes doing something else that doesn't stimulate the penis at all, e.g. stimulating her using tongue, fingers, dildo etc. or other sorts of play.  That's fun for her, and gives a little time to let the intense feelings subside before returning to penetration.

It's also possible that, if you masturbate to orgasm maybe a couple of hours or so before you have sex, then when you do have sex you may be able to last longer.
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Thank you . good idea. I too practice it to prolong the act.
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didnt u watch asian porn who got 3-4 inch penice n the babes yells like hell lol

btw 5 is average u can suggest him some penile excersises

i got 6.8 n i feel its still small :(
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