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having a burning sensation and redness of the peehole

I am 21 years old, It started before three months ago when I had unprotected sex, the next day I had redness and pain so I had one week of travocort cream. After 3 days I started having burning sensation all the time especially when urinating so a urologist gave my vibramycin 100 mg to take for a week once a day. I felt better at beginning but the pain came back along with some discharge coming out. I went to a different urologist which gave me ciprofloxacin and also sent me for sperm and the urethral discharge cultures. The urethral culture came back with gardnerella vaginallis. I was doing better with Cipro but showed allergic reaction so I had to stop it on fifth day and had some days without antibiotics. Then another urologist gave me metronidazole for 9 days to fight the gardnerella vaginallis but I wasn't feeling any better so he told me to take also doxat for non specific urethritis but still didn't feel any better . Then after some days without any antibiotics another urologist sent me again for sperm culture and a chlamydia dna tests which came negative but sperm culture showed e-coli. He then gave me tricef for 20 to 40 days along with travocort cream. I had 25 days and  started getting worse with burning ,frequent urinating, and also very red and irritated skin. I then went to the last urologist which told me to stop immediately the antibiotics because they only harmed me and so I did. I had  cultures in urine and sperm which showed again e-coli and I started  d mannose and some parsley water. The same urologist ultra sounded me and told me that i had some prostatitis but it was normal and in few months i would be ok . I was feeling better when after some days i started having a whole different sort of pain like pressure in my penis especially when laying or sitting, much pain when i touch it and when I have erection. I also had pains in my lower back. I got much better after some days but started again having the burning sensation and redness on the tip of my penis, now i noticed that when i dont ejaculate for some days i feel a lot better, however when i ejaculate the tip comes very red and the skin of becomes red and irritated .
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