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long-term chest discomfort

Hello all, I'm new here, and was hoping I could get some opinions from you guys.

So, about 1 month ago, I began feeling a slight discomfort in my chest, not localized to one area, but mostly on the left side (although it does show up on the right). It's not a lot of pain, and it hasn't increased, it's been the same since it started, a spiky, minor discomfort that lingers around for a bit throughout the day.

A little background: Im 29 years old, average smoker, overweight, but have been on a diet for a about 2 months (lost 8 KG!) and ever since this started, i went straight to the ER cuz i freaked out, he did an EKG and checked my heart, also took cardio blood-work which he returned in an hour, both tests were negative and he said from my symptoms that it was most probably stress induced chest pain. He also prescribed a medication which I refused to take since I thought I could handle it.

Since then, the feeling has not gone away, for some reason im not convinced (I tend to be the worrying type). Now the problem is, stress is a vicious cycle, the more stressed I am, the more pain ill feel, the more pain I feel, the more I think about it and so on...Anyway, every little twitch or small itch I get I begin associating with this condition which makes me worry about it even more.

The best way I can describe the discomfort is, you're just sitting there, then all of a sudden, you can a slight, very slight, pinprick type feeling anywhere on my chest...it's not dull or heavy, its just sharp and pin-point....it lingers for a bit, i rub it, and it goes away...for now. The issue also is If i preoccupy myself with something like work or games, I tend not to think about it and I forget that it's there. Sometimes I'd be sitting and remember that Im not feeling it (woohoo!), and then 10 min later it would return. I already spoke to another doctor online and they assumed it was some kind of skin irritation, but after trying their elimination methods, it doesn't seem to be the case.

I've never felt this way before, It's been a month and I cant seem to shake this thing. Any pain I feel in my arm or neck or leg I associate with this and assumed it's a heart attack or an blood clot. (Google-ing things doesn't help either).

What should my next step be? I tried waiting it out, I checked my heart and cardio blood, I tried skin treatment, nothing worked. Im lost and I feel like this is the only thing I can think about, it's quite debilitating.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Don't worry nothing to be sorry for.  There is nothing wrong with you posting, even if it is similar.

You are right, that sometimes we have these problems and a cause cannot be found.

Even if a cause is found, sometimes there is no cure and we have to learn to live with it, just like you have with your nerve pains, or get some relieve by medications, that don't usually work.

Have you had imaging done of your spine to see if there is any spinal problems that could be impinging on any nerves causing your neuralgic pain?

Best wishes.

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It sounds stupid, but it is true. I did not see your post and posted my message. Yes mine is redundant  when you have covered all the points. I saw your post, after posting mine.Usually I do not post if my message similar. Sorry.
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Thanks, Ill book an appointment with my doctor.
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Your problem sounds complicated. Doctors will ave to do trial and error method.these type of sensation  probably called parsthesia. About 100 causes are given. I am having pins and needs sensation since last 11 years.No cause could be found, neither any treatment. The search is as good as shooting in the dark.It can be a neurologicao or artirial disorder. I hope some one comes out with an answer for your peoblem.
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You need to book an appointment and see your doctor.

You may have a spinal problem when nerves are being impinged and can be felt as a sharp pain.

You mentioned that you have experienced pain in your neck, arm and leg.

Neck and arm pain can be caused from a problem with your bones in the neck.

Leg pain can be referred from problems in the lower spine.

Book an appointment to see your doctor, tell him your symptoms and ask for a xray of our neck or lower back if he does not suggest this.
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