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normal to drip semen while pooping

Today I woke up in the middle of night so aroused that I can't sleep anymore so I touched myself, I didn't want to masturbate or to ejaculate, I don't watch porn for a long while, so when my sleep was not continued, when the morning gets close I slept a bit of time and then I woke up, I took my coffee and I went to poop and I still feel my exicetement, while pooping I dripped some semen from my penis (just a few amount like a drop or two), I have this problem always when I am aroused and I'm 28 years old, is it normal? should i see a doctor for this?
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This can be normal, especially if you were straining. It's probably just some prostate fluid. If it keeps happening, or if it's not clear, or you have any pain, see your doctor. If it's clear, happens occasionally and without pain, it's not alarming.
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Thanks that you answered my quistion, I don't feel any pain and it happens only if I were so aroused and  also  I'm not sexually active person and I don't want to masturbate too, but if it's prostate fluid how can I know ? andif it is and it's drip whitout pain should be alarming ? .. it happens to you too ?
I'm female, so it doesn't happen to me.

Why don't you want to masturbate? Masturbation is normal. Unless you have religious reasons for this decision, there's no reason why you shouldn't.

If it's clear, you can assume it's prostate fluid, which is totally normal, and nothing to worry about.
Yes I don't masturbate for religious reasons and I want to benefit more of healthy life, and yes is not like pre-cum but a bit clear I guess than my ejaculation  ..Thank you so much of your answers I really appreciate that and it relieves my fears, thank you kindly
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I guess you had a pre-cum due to your excitement for a long time during the night,  and that pre-cum wasn’t ejected. That’s why you peed it in the morning.
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Thanks for your answer, what I see in my pee is not a pre-cum because it's thick fluid is semen I assume same as when I ejaculate
and I wonder if it happens to you too ?
I remember it happened to me and this is normal dont worry. But I experienced something else...
Well bro sometimes after I ejaculate, i feel some burning sensation at the tip of my penis, especially if i use a soap instead of vaseline or lubricant, it keeps on burning for like 7 minutes.
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