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personal, been erect for ove r 45 mins

why am i hard  for  so long?
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Is this irritating or tiresome for you? If so (and assuming it does not stay erect after ejaculation), presumably you can get it to go down by causing yourself to ejaculate? It's not entirely surprising that a guy could get an erection that lasts a long time if he doesn't do anything to make it go down.  
helo annie, im   still having  them!!
The length of time you have erections is really nobody's business (besides your own) unless it is troubling you or hurting, and then it becomes the business of your doctor. If it is a problem, and if ejaculating doesn't relieve them, see your doc.

I agree with this. Since it's bothering you, it's time to see your doctor.
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Unless you are having intercourse, that sounds uncomfortable and a lot of women would not be thrilled with a 45 minute erection if they are being honest. Life is not really a porno. This common or a  one time thing for you?
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hi, thanks  for  replyin back.  no, it  is  common  fo r me  .
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