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red pump inside of pee hole

i have recently been having a strange itchy feeling on the tip of my penis, it happened about 3 days ago, ive noticed that the opening to my urethra is reddend and it itches, well i observed last night in my shower and found when i pull the hole apart and look at the skin on the inside of my pee hole there is a red bump on the inside of my penis, it does not burn when i pee and when i do urinate my urine seems to split in two when i first start going, no pain when ejaculating or no pain when urinating but i am sexually active, i have had bumps on my penis that worried me before and went to the doc to get them check out who said they were perfectly normal, but this is starting to make me second guess that, i am sexually active and im worried of possible hpv or genital herpes, the bump on the inside of my penis is red and is right before the opening ive been tested as well for the basic stds which came back negative because i had discharge and i still get a discharge which might be urine from  a long time after i urinate (as the doc says). any ideas? ive very worried its not painful at all just very itchy, i figured if it was a genital herpe it would be pretty unbearible
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upon closer looking it seems to be at the bottom part of my pee hole, there are what apears to be little red dots or blotchs inside of my urethra
Did you ever get better or resolved?
Hall30, you having a red spot inside your urethra? Any other symptoms of anything? Any sexual encounters?  Hygiene worries?
GuitarRox, yes. The only symptoms were sometimes when I ejaculate it would burn. And when I applied pressure to my penis it would sting. I got tested and it all came back negative. I also went to a urologist, and he said it's possibly a bacteria. He explained that it came from my wife or occurs when you have too much or not enough sex? He didn't look at the bump but he put me on some antibiotics. The bump went down in size and everything seemed good until 2 months or so after taking antibiotics. I have yet to contact him or his office but plan on making an appointment soon.
And no hygiene worries.
Sorry for the long response.
I almost forgot, I had an issue with pain in my pelvic area and where my tant? is. the urologist was saying that was linked to the bacteria. And I guess the bump came as a result of that.
Sorry for the confusion.
Hey Hall30.  I'd say that if you went to the doctor and he gave you that information, I'd think this is the same since it looks the same.  And the issue of 'too much or too little' sex with your wife may still be in play.  I would ask about another course of antibiotics and if this will be a chronic situation that flares.  (which would stink)
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drink lot of water and add some alkaline solutioln to it....do not worry it will be all right with my simple formaulea....
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