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testicle mass, leaking, has hole

I have had a mass on the outside of my testicle, with white spots for over 10 years. I stepped wrong and my testicles got in a bind. Now the mass is 3times larger, there's a eraser size hole that's leaking yellow and clear puss, that smells really bad. If I squeeze it as much as I can stand there's thick white firm stuff comes out. I can't afford to go to doctor. Any ideas? Mass is red as a coca~cola can, and getting bigger daily.
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    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to consulting a urologist, the cyst may need to be removed to avoid further complications and added medical expenses.

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Please get some medical attention.  Even if you don't have money, go to the ER, or an Obama-care Clinic or something.  Tell them you just came from Mexico, and don't have a social, they will fix you up.  But please get help, this could get worst.
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