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i am manjeet. after marriage i have no child so  i did my tests. before two month  i done my sperm analysis test and ulterasound ,
i write here my all reports :
sperm analysis:
total value :3.5  ml
reaction  :alkaline
consistency : viscid
liquifaction time : within 30 minutes

morphology :.......
normal : 80 %
abnormal : 20 %
sperm count: 32.0 millions/ml

wbc  6-8    /hpf
rbc  1-2   /hpf
epithelial cells  :  few
motility   1st houur         3rd hour
active        40                        10  %
sluggish   10                        15   %
non-motile  50                       75   %
now its my u/sound report
1: right testes measures 42*18mms.
2: left testes measures 40*17mms.
they show smooth homogenous ecopattern.no focal solid or cystic mass seen in it.
3;both epididymis measures within normal limit,no focal abnormality seen in them.
4: no hernia or hydrocele seen.
5: colour flow examination reveals normal vascularity of both testes and epididymis.
6;the peritesticular veins of the pampniform plexus of veins of the left side are dilated nd tortuous which becomes more prominent with valsalva manouvre . the veins of the right side appears within normal limit.

IMPRESSION:: Ultrasound doppler examination of scrotum reveals:
, left sided varicocele (moderate degree- 4.1 mm).

its my report, dr. told me here u need varicocele
surgery, one point more i have no any pain in my      down balls. i told this also dr. but he told me if u done this surgery your sperm motility can be increase now its 40 % after this its can be 60 %.
so now i want to ask its true ,,motility can be increased?
tell me also after surgery in future have no any risk or no any prob.
plz tell me also , in new delhi which hospital i will do this surgery,,nd cost also.
one more if i no do this surgery my sperm count nd motility can do pregeancy?  can i make baby?plz.guide me as soon as possible ,i m waiting ur  best advice. if possible plz. write in hindi  in english .. thanks
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thank you very much sir for ur good advice.
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   While varicocele surgery would improve sperm count and sperm health, I feel, considering your age,the test results and, possible complications from a surgery, you could postpone the decision for a surgery till you get
a second opinion from another urologist. You may also consider the following points:

Since how long were you together with your partner and have you observed tips regarding ovulation periods?
It is also important to evaluate your partner by a gynecologist for any possible issues and get treatment if required.

It may be possible to improve the sperm count and sperm energy through the use of herbal / other medicines,appropriate diet and exercises, and that route may be considered after consulting your doctor.
The fructose reading is not mentioned in the test results, which may be important to decide a course of treatment.Hope you have also observed a few days abstinence from ejaculation before doing the test, else a repeat test may be desirable.

Keeping the above points, I would advise you to consult a urologist from the fertility department of a hospital like AIIMS, New Delhi, for an expert opinion and follow his advice.

Good luck,
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