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weird Numbness/headache on the left side of my head

im having this for the past 5 weeks but it comes and goes

its rlly weird its not painful but i fee like there something pushing in there and like im going to faint on that side

its on my left side of my head and it comes between my eyes and nose its get worse when it on my nose like someone is pushing hes hand on my forhead/nose

i also have muscle pain and lately ive been forgetting alot and its embarrassing when im around my friends

a doctor diagnosed me with fibromylagia or something .. 5 months ago

im 17 male and i also been in deepression and anxiety for the past 5 months

but this weird headache is worrying me is it my anxiety ?

and today i woke with nothing and when i played on my pc it started again

btw vitamind d is 4.5 and im taking 5k ui currently

thx alot everyone  
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anyone pls ?
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   You may consult a neurologist for a second opinion to ensure that there is no psecific brain related problem. If nothing specific is found, it may be fibromyalgia accompanying the depression you have. In that case, antidepressants may help you. You may read more on fibromyalgia by Goggling to know more details about this syndrome and how to get control over it.
Also stress may be a major trigger factor for most of your symptoms. Try to relax your body and mind by doing meditation and Yoga.Eat healthy food and do moderate exercise and do not worry too much over issues where you do not have any control.

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    You may also note that many of your symptoms may be related to low Vit.D levels and you may find improvements once the levels are brought to normal values. Check the levels about one month after supplementation and if the levels do not improve, you may need to go for injections.

Do you have any problem with fat digestion and absorption? How is your calcium levels? If your exposure to sun light is less, ensure to expose to sun light daily for about fifteen minutes.

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Hey, im  using 5000 ui and its been 2 weeks or 3 i guess

and the headache came a while ago and it  was worse and it came back

to be specific

im having it again let me describe it :

i feel quite like some burrning sensation from my forehead to like  a line on the nose and ends between the upper middle 2 teeth
and my eyes are quite sore

and it get worse when i sit on my computer and play video games
and sometime i get chest pain and pain under my left chest when i walk for so long

and today i did walk with my friend and the headache is gone at that time till i came back to my house and started again

am i having a stroke or heart attack or brain attack or something

btw my sister has the same vit d and she doesnt have what i got
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      Fibromyalgia is collection of symptoms common to many other diseases also. Even though main symptoms of fibro.. are distributed body pain, especially in muscles and joints, many patients suffer from head ache and depression. However in such cases, it is important to make sure that head aches are not due to any other neurological problems, and that is why I advised you to consult a neurologist. Google for more details on fibro.., here is one such sites :  

Also if you Google for ' Vit D deficiency symptoms ' , you will get all your symptoms there, it is not necessary that every one should get all the symptoms, but it is easier to treat it compared to fibro.. if it is infact the contributing factor.

It is therefore important to get a proper diagnosis by a doctor to get a solution to your problems.

Good luck,

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is what i described a symptom of a stroke or heart attack or something ?

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