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white stuff in My urethra

Hi , yesterday around early morning i was with a girl ive been talking to and we ended up having intercourse , id say we stopped around 7am she went back home and i went to sleep, I woke around 12 in the afternoon and noticed some white mucous inside my urethra i wanted to know how fast do stds usually hit? Because isnt this too fast to be a std such as chlamydia or is this just normal bacteria from the intercourse from the saliva or whatever? i had no burning pain but every time i squeeze my tip i see a slight bit of white mucous rising up and dont know what it is ? Ill pee it out then a hour or two later i see it again , this all happened within the same day Thanks for any input!
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You sure this is mucous and not some sperm left there, as you say you went right to sleep?
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No I peed soon after intercourse was over but when I woke up and peed again I noticed it come back again little pieces of white it wasn’t clear enough to be sperm  but I only noticed it when I squeezed my tip
Semen is clear.  Sperm is whitish.  That's most likely what it was.  Relax.
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Yeah, I agree with Pax - it's probably some residual sperm. It's way too soon for an STD, as at the bare minimum, that's usually a few days before symptoms appear. Stop squeezing - if you don't see it without squeezing, it's not a discharge.
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Nah I peed right after the inter course And noticed it hours later when I woke up And the only reason I checked my urethra was because I felt a slight tingle sensation so I squeezed and kept noticing slight pieces of white mucous rising up like it was mixed wit my pee but I should b in the clear if it isn’t Discharging by itself ? I’m guessing I never noticed it before so I was nervous
It's still not an STD - it's way too soon to see symptoms. Of course, you could have a previous infection and are just now seeing symptoms, but you'd also likely have burning, irritation, etc., with it.

If you're anxious about it, see a doctor, but it really doesn't seem like anything.
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