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worried majorly about potential penile injury, please advise

24 y/o male.

Really scared about this. Recently my girl and I were having sex in the girl-on-top-facing-me position, hope it isn't TMI but i was doing "most of the work" and we were both careful... honestly I was super avoidant and afraid of that position due to the risks involved, we usually did it in the missonary position; also I have a mild chordee (I think that is what it is called/left bend, it isn't PD) due to it being safer and more convenient, so naturally positions we could attempt it were few and far between.

I didn't notice any issues or injuries during that time, I actually stayed hard throughout it and once again both being careful. Even worse still I have been having some mild neuro-to-penile/depersonalization issues lately as well although those are getting better.

It has been two days since then, and now I am noticing some problems. I'd describe it as mild pain, slight discoloration, and as for ED issues go once again I don't really know because I was already in a (up there not down there) situation with that before, not like full blown but lack of arousal and less spontaneous erections.

I have not noticed any popping sounds, and like I say the discoloration is mild at this point, so I am hoping it isn't a fracture, I mean I'd imagine you would know at the time if that happened, i'd imagine the pain would be quite acute. At this point I don't know if it's an emergency room situation or a clinic/healing time situation.

Any help/advice is needed.
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Do you have a regular doctor you can go to? Have you ever seen a urologist for the chordee?

(FYI - here's an article on it. You have it, you should know what it is - https://www.webmd.com/men/guide/chordee-repair-treatment)

You say discoloration - what color is it? Is it really red? Losing color? Turning darker? Blue?

I think if you have a regular urologist or doctor, give them a call. Tell them exactly what's going on and describe the coloring. If not, go to an urgent care clinic. If that's not available, then an ER.

I don't think it's a true emergency unless it seems like blood flow can't get to your penis, or it's swelling, but if you have no other options, then that's where you go.

You mention the depersonalization. Are you in therapy or anything? If not, that's a must, but that can come after.
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the therapy thing there isn't much in my area that doesn't have a waiting list and that actually cares that much about anything other than, specific issues.

yeah tonight i'll be waiting to see for sure whether or not its a true emergency, im thinking about calling 111 for advice in the morning depending on symptoms; i cant be chewed with another 4am a and e department experience unless of course it gets worse during the night then i have no real choice.

never seen a urologist for chordee like i say its mild and is non impairing for masturbation and the like, it isnt a big deal, like it bothered me at one point for a while but i learned to live with it it is the best way, and i know they are safer 'home treatments' i can do for it but that aint my concern right now. it just makes most positions risky or almost impossible, anyway they'd probably just suggest surgery which isnt safe.  

anyway, discolouration like slight redness, no like "eggplant/purple shape or coloring though".  i can get blood flow to the penis, but there is mild pain at the base, maybe its just bruising or something?
i dont notice popping either, but i do notice like slight rumbling around my stomach area. past hour or two slightly more discoloration. can i post medical photos on this site, or another site?
You can post medical pics on your profile page, but not genital pics. You can post those on a hosting site like imgur, and then post the link here. However, none of us are docs, and can't diagnose you.

Rumbling around the stomach area - I'm assuming that's different than hunger pains?

Is the purple shade in one spot, or all over?

I agree with Paxiled below - it's time to establish yourself with a urologist. In the meantime, just call your regular doctor if you have one, or get checked out by an urgent care if it makes you feel better.
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I don't know what's going on, it sounds like you've had some pain issues there before and so it may be time to see a urologist to at least get a current diagnosis if there's anything that looks wrong.  But mostly I'm confused about why you think having the woman on top is more strenuous?  And why you did most of the "work."  Now, I have a problem here with my wife, who I married late in life and who never really learned how to do different positions, but woman on top is the easiest way to have sex assuming the woman is strong enough and experienced enough to know how to move properly.  And in that position, she should be in control and doing at least half of the work.  If you're both working together, it goes more smoothly than if you are with someone who just doesn't move much, it does make it harder on you, but not on that part of your body, it's just harder on the back and the hips and the legs.  In that position, she is able to really control how deep inside you go and again, if she doesn't know how to do this, practice.  I never had any problem with this position except with my wife because she's just not very coordinated and wasn't young anymore, but I'm assuming you and your partner are a lot younger so again, this should be a much less stressful position, not more.  So I'd ask, did something go wrong here?
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It's due to the chordee that I have, technically it's a mild birth defect but it became more noticeable more so during the the teen years. It bends, down (but not to a peyronies degree) and to the left. It isn't a very common problem, I understand the shape is either typically straight, or sometimes an "upper bend", down/left is less common.

I'll say, missionary is basically impossible unless there is a pillow underneath her hips, as a sort of 'entry point', woman-on-top is possible but risky again due to the shape/rigidity,  one wrong move and it could be game over. Right now, it's purple in one spot, but not fully swollen.

In the UK pretty sure I can get a urologist app from my GP?
just my luck guys, called my local surgery due to easter holidays, it doesn't re-open till the 6th of april....

I'll keep an eye out for worsening of symptoms, if that is the case, but hopefully not, i'll probably have to get a taxi to the emergency department. Ok, once again I think a full blown fracture would be one of those things I'd notice right away, the pain hasn't gotten worse it stayed the same, and the pain is at the base.
A tip I learned when I was with a woman with an upturned vagina -- yes, women can have particular structural issues as well.  If you are on top, prop yourself up on your hands as in the up position doing a push-up, and you can then completely control just where and how much you enter the woman.  If it's uncomfortable, you can move to where it's not that way.  With woman on top, tell her to move slowly and with control and again, that way there will be control.  If you pay close attention to her and you lots of things are learned and both benefit.  Good luck with the urologist.
thank you. not just for this comment for honestly for responding to my posts a lot in general, you give great advice.
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Another few days on, no increase in discoloration or pain but it feels a little disconnected but not like numb. The shape of it has changed slightly which is very little worrying, like slight "puffing up" at the base, followed by thinning out. Like before I could still sort of get hard but once again going off a more recent post the damn lansoprazole also added a bit to the ED, I think it's just healing. The people on the 111 call suggested I go to a and e for the 'acidity' reaction to the lansoprazole which was a very rare (0.1 percent) side effect, same as ED to. I think I'll be okay.
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Yeah I could maybe post a medical photo but honestly I don't know how to remove links on here.
ah nvm i just want peace of mind
edit: i noticed the curve is slightly more pronounced, but not inflamation or swelling more like elongation. i can get erect when this happened, it deviated quite badly to the left. paxilled would know, the last time I had some experience with my gf there was mild vein damage from a tooth which seemed to sort of heal, don't know if i'll be so lucky this time >:(. Dunno if I regret or support my decision to go to the ER or not.

told lady on the GP surgery phoneline about the problem, seemed rightfully concerned for me and asked me to fill in an online form with photos and send them to the doctors, then call tomorrow, I mentioned it probably wasn't a true emergency and I think from my description she agreed, but still.

hope i'll be fine tonight, talk about embarrassing don't want PD at age 24.
It looks like it shifts to the side some, but as far as swelling or elongation, I can't tell that because I don't know what it looks like normally.

There isn't anything embarrassing about this. This is a medical issue like any other medical issue. I know that's easy for me to say since it's not my penis, but try to think about it like your knee or elbow. It's really just another body part.
yeah normally honestly there is a very slight shift when flaccid but it becomes noticeable during erections. thanks for the response again. that's at flaccid state, when i get semi-erect it looks like it kinda 'turns off' quite a bit at the left, and also there seems to be a lot of blood 'filling up' at the middle. honestly i'm expecting some slight scar tissue. I understand the penis retracts to a flaccid state as the body's way to protect from damage because too many erections right now would cause all sorts of deformities. keeping a check on worsening symptoms I try to keep the flaccid in a straight position in my pants right now.
update: yeah I'm fine now I think only thing is I think there may have been some slight worsening of the curve :/ I also need to be careful in the future about getting hard/then, well, putting it back in my pants, it puts pressure on the base.
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another update, through other ways I don't want to discuss there has been a bit of worsening so I'll be in contact with a male gp soon about it but then again I would not say it's critical.
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Update again I am back. Doctor on the phone said based on what was said I should be fine it shouldn't get worse and individuals with chordees usually have them quite bad. He understood that I'd (obviously) want to avoid nasty medical procedures if if can. Also I asked him to look into exercises for me for this. Next stage, is urology maybe, as usually the penis is fine, but other times there is a "flare-up" especially after masturbation or other sexual stuff, which I am trying to abstain from. And getting an erection it still turns off making certain positions impossible and pre existing injuries can as far as I know increase the risk of further injuries.
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It sounds like you have a good plan for yourself for which I am glad.
Right another update. Told the doc about slightly painful erections, occasional "hourglass disfigurement" in mid shaft, slight bending when flaccid and definitely erect (even with a chordee during teen years there was not a bend flaccid) towards the tip. Slight basal strain. There was also more tightness on the left side than the right of the penis so whatever ligament is there is probably short and strong, where the other side is normal and possibly weak. I recall this from what I have learned myself about biology, and the panis basically just being another body part like having a crooked neck.

we had both thought there was a bit of body dysmorphia or visual distortion involved (I have had bdd since early teens), which basically means I focus too much in a single bodypart, making it worse than it really is.

I'm getting a referral or at least a question to the uro and possibly something about at home exercises, which from what I had read in the PD website.
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