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Any fellow sufferers from Bipolar illness?

Hi.  I’m relatively new here and couldnt find the place to post and answer new questions.  I basically got stuck in a thread about a mother’s difficult teenager.  I would love to talk to other bipolar people about their experiences.  I just recently accepted a diagnosis that was made several years ago and am consequently getting my meds re-evaluated.    
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Hi there!  I know I saw you on the Bipolar forum where they have set up to specifically discuss that type of mental health diagnosis.  But here's good too.  When were you diagnosed? So, you are kind of going through the process again?  I know it is hard sometimes and then something happens that forces us to say "okay".  Hope whatever the catalyst to believing the diagnosis wasn't too difficult.  :((
Thank you.  Diagnosed years before I actually accepted the diagnosis and went to have my meds adjusted. I did hit an emotional extremity where my irritability and flare ups against other people became more frequent and more intense. It got to the point where I really could not trust myself and I was scared and that's what made me finally accept responsibility for the fact that I am indeed bipolar and it was then I went to a psychiatrist for meds adjustment  and am going in therapy now.
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Want to commend you for knowing when to get help and accept the situation. That's a hard point to get to.  You are very brave.  How are the meds doing for you?
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I have had bipolar 1 disorder for the past 56 years so have come up against many situations. I too had a big problem with accepting the diagnosis and surprised my long-term psych. when I asked him one day if I was mentally ill? What? I had been going to a mental health clinic for years and years, but it is just a difficult pill to swallow. I think the best thing to do is to educate yourself on every aspect of bipolar. There are heaps of articles, magazines and books on the subject, and many different clubs and organizations to join.

I think that the biggest blow with this terrible illness is to realize, as time goes by, that your world has changed dramatically and all your hopes and dreams have come to nothing. I look back on my life and am very sad to know that I was unable to do even some of the things I would have liked to do. However, I have faced up to this problem now and have found other outlets for my talents and skills so I don't feel like such a failure.

If you would like to talk more about this subject please get in touch with me. I shall be happy to share any and all my experiences with you.

I am really happy to hear that you are taking meds and going to therapy, that is a very good place to start. Never, ever stop taking your meds. because you will only feel better for a few months (a med. holiday) then back comes all the symptoms and you will need even more meds. and possibly hospital. I learned that early on.

I wish you luck with your journey.
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