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Can doctors please perform a simple check for Munchausen by proxy?

Doctors need to add this very important technique to their medical school textbooks: Check for Munchausen by proxy

Doctors can save lives by performing a simple check.

1. Is the patient a child or an adult child?
2. Are the parents trying to get their child diagnosed with something when the child is perfectly healthy?
3. Is one of the parents a medical professional or works with law enforcement?
4. Is the child or adult child suffering from abuse but the parents seem like they’re doing everything they can for their child?
5. If it’s an adult child, do the parents take the adult child’s money, not let them move out to live on their own, or sabotage their life?

It’s not that difficult to detect Munchausen by proxy.

Good doctors should perform this test for Munchausen by proxy.
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First, regular docs actually don't study mental illness a whole lot, it's not their forte.  You see a psychologist or psychiatrist if you want a diagnosis of a mental disorder.  This isn't to say no regular docs can accurately diagnose mental illness, but again, folks, this isn't what they teach in the main in medical school, it takes additional training to learn just as it does for any other specialty.  Second, exactly how is a doctor supposed to get accurate answers to these questions by proxy?  You're talking about a difficult disorder to find in the first place, but is the parent going to tell you the child is being abused?  Is the child?  Not so simple.  Are they going to tell their doctor about their financial habits?  In the 15 to 20 minutes insurance companies pay for your average exam by a general doc, is this what they're going to focus on?  I'm just wondering here if it would really be this easy to diagnose anything.  Life is harder in reality than this.  Now, it might be great if regular docs were trained in detecting and treating mental illness, but you'd have to add a year to medical school to do it.  Anyone volunteering for that without getting a certificate as a specialist?  
To provide you with a perfect answer to your questions. I posted this in the mental health section so this is directed at all doctors but especially to psychologists and psychiatrists. The doctor can get accurate answers if he just listens to the victim child or adult child. Parents with Munchausen by proxy can bypass regular doctors and just pick up the phone and lie to the cops to get the victim sent to a mental hospital with no evidence. Nobody believes the victim because they still live with their parents. You said doctors give you 10-15 minutes of their time to a patient, but that's not true either. Some doctors, especially the ones that work at mental hospitals, give you less than 2 minutes of their time and don't believe the victims. The mental disability version of Munchausen by proxy is adult child slavery after 18 years old. You said that the disorder is "difficult to find" but that's false. Either doctors don't know what they're doing with Munchausen by proxy or they are trying to cover up the scariest thing about the medical industry, using it to murder or enslave your child after 18, to protect their licenses. You can tell a doctor about what your parents are doing to you, and they will still only think about "medications" instead of "is this Munchausen by proxy?". Psychiatrists, who should know everything in the DSM by heart, completely ignore the consideration of Munchausen by proxy in practice. Munchausen by proxy is considered a form of child abuse, it is not to be dismissed as merely a "disorder" or a "disorder that's difficult to detect". As a matter of fact, yes, the victim will tell the doctor what they're going through and it will be the focus of the appointment, as the parents constantly threaten the victims with the doctor and mental hospitals by calling the police and lying.

"Life is harder in reality than this."

People die and are subject to a lifetime of captivity and death because doctors don't perform a simple check, Munchausen by proxy doesn't even cross their minds when it is obviously the case, and they don't believe the patient because a doctor diagnosed them at a mental hospital after their parents called the cops and lied.
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