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Desperate Need for a Recommendation (Sleep Disorder/Depression/Anxiety)

I am in need of a good therapist or psychologist who uses medical or clinical hypnotherapy in the Detroit area. I've tried Psychologytoday, and tried 3 that offered hypnotherapy but after several sessions I felt zero difference. I figured out they took an online training course (the same type I have taken) for hypnotherapy and have little practice. This may sound ridiculous since I do not live in a remote/rural area, but I have searched for a good one for over 8 yrs. I rely on feedback or referrals ever since a bad experience with one in my 20's. I was reluctant to try online therapists, but after Covid I am willing to. I just don't know which ones are recommended. I now need one for myself and my teen daughter. She has horrible anxiety and I wish I had taken her in sooner.
I found ONE psychiatrist in my area who did not have a 3-5 month wait to be seen. He is AWFUL and I hear all of his patients complaining. I would never trust him to treat either of my children. He just writes scripts and pushes meds. Have seen him for 3 straight yrs, tried at least 6 different meds and told him I refuse to try another one.  Neither he nor his 7 staff members can refer to a therapist (which is odd to me). I've never had one appt last more than 6 mins (mostly it is a 3-5 min talk) yet it takes up to 2 hrs of sitting in his waiting room to see him since he overbooks. Once I find help, I plan to refer him to the State ethics board. I initially went to him due to sleep issues (which I still have). He writes a script for Tramadol, which is the only reason I go back. He has never recommended a sleep study or any other treatment other than more and more pills.  I've told him I believe in the mind/body connection and (as I said) he still cannot or will not recommend a therapist.  Says he does not know of any.  He is both an MD and psychiatrist and supposedly treats both types of patients, thus he is a GP.  I'm am so sick of living this way. Even with Trazadone I am up every 2-3 hrs and fall asleep constantly during the day.  
I've been in search of help for so long I'm starting to think it isn't out there.  My father died at 61 and was on 12 meds at the time. He had narcalepsy and we watched his downhill slide for years. He quickly became depressed and then other conditions developed. In the last year I've started to see the same occurring with me.  I now have a loss of interest in everything in my life. The other issue with the 2-3 therapists that I did try without a referral is that they simple told me the obvious (that I needed to stop the worry and negative talk).  I clearly know that... it keeps me up at night! But I have realized after 8 yrs of reading self improvement books that I cannot tackle this alone. Now, with virtual medicine it opens the door to seeing a hypnotherapists from any location and I am hoping that I can find a referral on this site - because I am truly losing hope. I've reached the point where my kids are worried about me. I've lost both parents in the last 6 yrs and they were my support (I have no other family in the area). I'm a single mom - and I mean "single" as in no dad in the picture, no child support. It has become so debilitating that I recently lost my job, so as you can imagine I am now at an all time low.  I know that I require a formal sleep study for a "formal diagnosis" but I don't see the point of putting myself through that. I already know that my sleep/wake cycle is entirely messed up and that I need to do the work to change it. Once depression takes over, it feels impossible to do anything. While it could be genetic (based on my father) my symptoms also started when their father decided he did not want to be married or have anything to do with his children and simply walked off the job, so I cannot dismiss that I need to change my mindset. To walk in and pay someone to tell me I need to take an SSRI (and as I said, I tried 6 different ones) while others tell me to "just change your mindset" but offer no method or way to do it has been so frustrating. I truly believe that a hypnotherapists (a good one, with experience) would be able to help.  PLEASE let me know if you have any recommendations.  
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I hope someone responds, but do realize that very few people participate on this website.  While a lot more than that do look at it, if you notice you will see the same few who respond, and so it's not likely you're going to find anyone who lives in Detroit.  On the other hand, as you say, Detroit is a big city and is probably chock full of mental health practitioners.  I'll just go on some of what you are saying.  It sounds to me like your main problem is depression or just sadness and grief that isn't going anywhere as well.  You clearly don't have narcolepsy, as you say you're not sleeping well if I get you right so whatever was going on with your Dad isn't what's going on with you on that score, but it does sound like he may have had depression as well.  I doubt reporting your psychiatrist will get you anywhere, don't waste your energy.  If you don't like him, find a better one, but this is basically what most psychiatrists are like, especially if you're seeing him on insurance.  The best ones don't take insurance, in my experience.  The same is true for the best therapists.  Because they can find enough wealthy people who need them, they don't need the hassle of insurance so they don't take it, but in today's health care world docs specialize and psychiatrist aren't Freud anymore, they mostly do just what yours does, which is dole out meds.  Some still do talk therapy, but not most of them, and when they do it's quite expensive compared to seeing a psychologist.  All psychiatrists are MDs, that's pretty much the definition of one vs. a psychologist or other mental health care provider.  I would be shocked if he was also a GP, since it pays a lot less and requires a lot more work than being a psychiatrist.  I suppose it's possible, but if it was, that would actually benefit you because it would mean he was up to date on your health, which most psychiatrists forget over the years as they don't practice that.  Use it or lose, you know.  We're all like that.  As for hypnosis, there are many different ways of doing it.  There are many therapists who use it but few who specialize in it.  Some use self-hypnosis.  Some use what we usually think of as hypnosis.  And they use it in different ways.  A good one is one who helps you and for it to work you have to put in the work, and it can take some time for it to work.  If you want a quicker form of therapy, I'd look into CBT.  That may or not involve hypnosis, but it is a quicker form of therapy.  It does take a lot of work on your part for it to work.  How to find a good hypnotherapist is usually by referral from another health practitioner, such as your GP or your psychiatrist or a psychologist.  You might even Google hypnosis in your area and something may come up.  There are professional associations for all manner of mental health practitioners, and they might have referral services.  But again, the good ones are the ones who help you, and you only find that out when you see them for awhile.  A great one for one person might not click with you.  
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