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Does Invega Sustenna Cause withdrawal

Hello I am a 21 year old male I have been taking medicine since about 17 or 18 and been diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19 I have been taking invega sustenna since august 2020. I stopped for a month or two then resumed up until now. I took the 156 mg most of the time then the 234 for a few months back to 156 down to 117 mg. I wanted to get off the medicine because I have been combining it with medical marjuana , alchohol , anti anxiety (Xanax) and shrooms; along with adderall before I was given invega and after. So I believe I am possibly causing damage and being out of balance. I can’t concentrate sometimes and weight gain along with prolactin due to enlarged breast is a concern. Some websites are saying their have been no withdrawals from invega reported.  hard finding a psychiatrist for new diagnoses also. I have been diagnosed with F20.9, F84.0,Z91.89 Z65.9 if you can find the codes. The only concern is somewhat hallucinations but I know caffeine can cause some like whispers or something.
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Okay, disregard my previous question about what you are taking it for. You are diagnosed with schizophrenia. So, ya. You are combing things. Alcohol definitely needs to go, I'd consider removing Xanax as it is addictive and can easily begin to be used inapropriately, shrooms . . . prescribed or just street bought (I personally would not begin using these for mental health at this time as information is very incomplete about potential benefits and risks and with a schizophrenia diagnosis, I'd be concerned). I would stay ON your antipsychotic. Do not mess with that. If your doctor feels you need a change in which one you take, then fine. But do NOT take yourself on or off that med without them. You are too much in a position to have a devastating rebound of  Schizophrenic symptoms that could debilitate you. I would shore up your life style choices as well. Alcohol should NOT be in the picture at all, I'm sorry to say. Nor xanax or shrooms at this point. ARE you diagnosed with adhd? Do you get a speed reaction with adderall or a mellowing reaction?
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Oh, and please, I attach no judgment to your lifestyle choices. Don't take anything that way. I just want you to be safe and healthy and have as good a life as you can!
In some reading that I've done, I think using hallucinogens like shrooms when you have schizophrenia is not recommended.
So I do not have adhd but was using adderall for nootropic properties then it got out of hand.
Okay, that is likely a misuse of adderall. And that also can become addictive. I think you've probably got a mix of meds going on that may temporarily make you feel good but ultimately cause issues. The one that should NOT go is your drug actually treating the schizophrenia.
I also used shroom on the medicine but listening to your advice all I have is left over medicine and shrooms along with alchohol I wanted to get off the antipsychotic due to weight gain, fatigue, slow thinking laziness etc along with brain damage possibly  but what do you suggest also what should I do with the left over weed products and other stuff. I looked up the interactions on medscape but all it says is that it causes sedation with wed + invega sustenna do note I also use caffeine but they say to avoid stimulants if you want productivity .
I also wanted a more natural route of treatment I have not even turned 25 yet.
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