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He can’t tell the truth, then tried to make out I’m the liar?!

So, my ex boyfriend was diagnosed SZ 9 years ago. He’s not taken any meds for 3+ years and in my opinion suffers with delusions and paranoia (although I don’t tell him that I think that!). We split up 4 months ago and have continued to message each other and I’ve been there twice. Although he cheated and still tries to make out that it was me, even as far as saying I was going out of work to hotels and making rotas up so that I could meet other guys for spontaneous sex. The actual truth was he was meeting people from Grindr whilst I was working nights. He was given copies of every rota, every change on the rota and still made out it was counterfeit. Anyway, still he is persistent that I wanted us to break up but got him to do the dirty work.  He basically makes out I’m some ***** or slag and sleep with so many different people. When I haven’t. I’ve not met one person since us splitting, he has. He admitted to one guy coming round that he gave oral relief to. I’ve asked him on several occasions if he’s been on the apps or met people, and like today he said no. Although he has. Why can’t he be honest and take responsibility for how he is instead of keep putting it on me. To be honest the things he makes out and how he’s been speaking to me has made me consider taking my own life because he makes out that I’m so worthless and I’ve ruined his life. Should I just sever all ties with him? I just worry about what would happen to him, his mum is very poorly and he doesn’t have any friends as such, and I can’t bare to think of what the outcome could be if anything happened to his mum. Any help would be so appreciated!  
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dump him only pills for an extended time you will benefit and find the right ones for them too balance stable his condition
Hi Drifter
Thanks for the reply. We’re not together- we split in April, so I no longer live with him. But he still thinks i should be telling him where and who I’m with.  He still constantly accusing me of seeing someone and says I set it up for him to finish it so I didn’t need to get my hands dirty. We still FaceTime day and night now. So him saying I’m seeing someone when it just isn’t logical. It difficult because my previous partner passed away at 35, with a heart problem.
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he can be helped but like manic mania he believed he don't need help at all help is available keep me posted if you desire :)
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I'm really glad you dumped your ex boyfriend.  Hope its a good mutual compatible relationship with your new partner.   Cheers for you!!!!
I’ve not got a new partner. I’m single. We’re still friends tho and speak every day. Still gets the odd bout of paranoia and it really tests my patience. It eventually over blows but he can’t change who he is and until he gets help and admits the problem it will continue x
Based on my reply on your  comment re: splitting in April.  Sorry for misinterpreting.   I wish you well.
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