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How can I get over sexual assault from a boyfriend?

**Warning: sexual assault**
I think I have been sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. A week ago, he dry-humped me naked, but I was wearing my underwear and cotton pants on. It was a first, I wasn't enjoying it at all, i was trying my best to prevent him from undressing me or entering his hands/ other organ under my pants. I went home with some bruises. I was terrified to my core that he would have ejaculated or produced any fluids on my clothes without my notice for not getting pregnant. Ever since that day, i keep sending drs online asking if this can make me pregnant, i feel cramps everyday, I'm too silent, bad eating habits, too afraid to even touch myself down there or look at the clothes/underwear i was wearing that day. Daily anxious and crying when recalling with great fear of letting my family or friends know. Please help me how to overcome that??
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Sexual experimentation can so easily transition into sexual assault, which definitely happened here. Your boyfriend should have been asking for consent to each of his moves, and obviously failed to do so. Consent should ideally be received before the session starts, and you have every right to ask how far he is planning to go beforehand.

Sperm does not travel through layers of clothing so the chance of pregnancy here is nil. While everyone in your situation would be re-running the event to reinforce the lessons learned, your mind is going into unnecessary overdrive and giving you false symptoms. If you can't tell your mind to let go of it, you need to find someone to vent with, a trustworthy friend or a professional. The pain will slowly but surely subside. I doubt that you will be seeing this boyfriend again.
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Couple of things. First is technical. He would only get you pregnant if he put his penis inside of you. Dry humping and Dry humping through clothes even with ejaculation will NOT result in pregnancy. That's not how pregnancy happens and that isn't a true worry. However, you were traumatized. And when we are, our sense of stress creates true anxiety and narrow thinking. My son's ocd intrusive thoughts are worse when he is under stress. Trauma triggers a lot of this. So, I feel for you.

No women should be assaulted and when we know assailant, it's terrible. I'm sorry this happened to you. I would not trust that person again as they violated your trust. And consider talking to a therapist. Please know, not all guys get carried away like that and he probably didn't mean harm. But he did do harm.
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