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I am very suicidal I don't know what to do

I feel like I want to die every day I can't stand it!!!!
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How old are you?  Have you discussed this with anyone?  Have you sought out therapy?  If you feel like you're going to act on it, call a suicide hotline right away or go to the closest emergency room.  I'm guessing you're fairly young, have you spoken with a school counselor, friends, and family?  You didn't always feel like this.  You won't always feel like this.  Tell us more and please, seek help, it's all around you.
Nobody can help me
How would you know if you've never tried to get help?  Again, I'm wondering how old you are, you sound very young.  You came on here for some reason, so I'm guessing you like to vent.  So do I.  I get it.  But help works better.
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Oh sweetie!!!  I'm so sorry.  We can listen if that will help.  But please know that there are numbers you CAN call just to talk 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) and hee is one you can TEXT with  Text START to 741741 to talk to someone at Crisis Text Line - crisistextline.org.  

You are a valuable person and we want you here!  All things can be eventually solved. I'm sending you hope sweetie.

We're here to listen and encourage you to talk to one of the above numbers, your parents, a trusted adult.  We care.
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Hi Summergurl8,
Why you are telling, nobody can help you. This is wrong. Please talk with someone whom you can trust and I am sure you will definitely get help from that person.
Also you should vsiit to counselor.
All the best. Thanks.
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Hey , i went through your question ,try  these some ideas :
Refer to your Safety Plan
Remove whatever can harm you at that very moment
Turn to other Activities
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