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Is this a mental illness or is that normal?

Recently, I've come to realize that I keep on silently repeating the same phrase over and over again; I do this unconsciously. If it's important, the phrase is "I'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain". It's from a song I heard; I don't listen to the song. At first, I used to sing them silently, but now, I'm saying them in a normal (talking) way. I'm not sure if this is related, but I also tend to have everything arranged perfectly. For example, if all the books are facing upwards and one downwards, I would feel uncomfortable and fix that book.

Please let me know.
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I think they call it an ear worm and it does happen to most people if not everyone. Psychologists have reported in articles I've read that 90 percent of the population has a song get stuck in their head every couple of weeks.  Why psychologists are the ones who report that, I don't know. But perhaps it is because people ask questions about it like you are.  It's not mental illness. They are most prevalent when the mind is wandering which they say is about 40 percent of the day.  I know yours are the actual song but the lyrics of the song.  Things to try . .  actually listen to the whole song in it's entirety, chew gum, engage in something.  That might end the ear worm.  

** which by the way, is this bugging you, infringing on your life or you are just wondering about it.  

Now intrusive thoughts are a form of OCD, called existential ocd, obsessive thoughts and the compulsion is reassurance/checking.  My son is diagnosed with this and we are about to begin ERP therapy for it.  But that sounds very different than what you describe.  Not like it at all, really.

and wanting things organized, neat and tidy and in specific ways is also not really ocd.  Obsession followed by compulsion.  I have a son who is a neat freak (hard to believe I'm his mother).  My NON ocd son will organize anything you give him. Keeps everything in a place and just so. It's just kind of how he is.  He likes it about himself.  He actually has a mentor job in high school.  Kids that that have difficulty organizing, he is assigned to in order to help them. ha.  Too bad he has never tried to organize my kitchen!  

I think it also may help you when thinking about these things to decide impact. Everyone has quirks, personality traits.  For some, things could be SO much that it interferes with daily living. That's when you would start to take more notice of it.  Other than that, it's just a quirk in your life.
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I get songs stuck in my head a lot.  The way to get rid of it is to listen to another song and get that one stuck in your head.  The important thing is not to get a song that stinks stuck in your head -- now that's torture.
Thanks for replying. So basically, you're saying I either have earworm or OCD. From my understanding of the term OCD and some research, I don't think I have OCD. Also, it said that earworms are supposed to last for a few hours, maybe days. It's been almost two weeks now. I'll try your and "Paxiled's" recommendations. If it doesn't work, should I update you here or follow up with a doctor for a check up? Or is it not worth going to a doctor for anyways?
I'll also be praying for your son's fast recovery. Hope the therapy goes well.
No, it doesn't sound like you have OCD.  But OCD these days has expanded to cover pretty much all human behavior, because all human behavior involves thinking and since all thinking comes from nowhere every thought we have is "intrusive" and therefore if intrusive thoughts are a mental illness the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry have teamed up and finally figured out how to get us all on antidepressants.  Seriously, a mental problem is a state of mind that makes your life very hard to live.  Not all problems are an illness.  You got stuck on a song and you now have to get unstuck.  If that's the only thing bothering you and otherwise your life is fine, then no, you don't need medical attention.  Doctors are also not necessarily helpful for mental illness unless you seek medication for it, and again, if this is your only problem then your life is going pretty well.  If on the other hand  you obsess over a lot of different things to the point that you're really anxious all the time or much of the time and life isn't going well, then you would want to start by consulting a psychologist.  OCD is a pretty severe illness that really gets in the way of life.  If you do the things you obsess over, your life gets taken over by that and if you don't you get very very anxious.  That doesn't sound like you.  There is a thing called Pure O, which is just obsessive thinking, and again, if you want to call that OCD then we all, every human being, has it because we all think and much of what we think about is the same stuff every day, right?  Is it time to go to work?  Is it time to eat?  Yada Yada Yada.  We're all like that but it doesn't bother most of us.  Mental illness is when thinking becomes terrifying or very very sad much of the time to the point where life becomes difficult to impossible to handle.  You just have a song in your head.  Peace.
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