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Is this schizo?

I had a very close relative who has been experiencing thoughts of people conspiring against her,(she has been an extreme alcoholic for years now) she's hearing them speak about her in a matter where she thinks they are plotting against her or want to kill her. She's fine around people as long as they are directly speaking to her and not at a distance on the phone or talking to someone else in a different room. She's not hearing any other voices besides the ones that are the people talking at a distance and not directly at her. Also has thoughts of the government using satellites/all types of technology to spy on her and possibly having an implant in her body that tracks her location. I just want to have an inkling of what's going on and if someones loved one is experiencing a similar thing, since she refuses to seek medical care.
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Voices are common for most patients that suffer from permanent psychosis I suffer from schizophrenia I hear voices that have conversations with each other meds are a must for rest of my life  I attend group therapy because I want to help others hope this helps:)
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Offhand these symptoms of paranoia and constantly hearing voices sounds like a psychotic disorder.   Whether or not is sz only a psychiatrist can tell.   These symptoms can be part of hypermania  and schizoaffective disorder too.    
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