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My 7 Year Old Stepson's Brain is Telling Him to do Very Bad Things.

Just recently my 7 year old stepson started telling us (very often) that his brain is telling him to do bad things. It started one day when he did something to get in trouble and used the excuse that it wasn’t him it was his brain that told him too so it’s ok. We nipped that in the bud I felt but it’s been persisting from to “my brain is telling me to say cuss words” is a very common one, too “my brain is making me not listen” and escalated and one time to “my brain is telling me to punch my sister” who is 21 months old now, I get it siblings can fight. Yesterday I took him and his sister to the river to play on the drive home he told me his brain told him to do something very dangerous to his sister, it was very disturbing to me. I’m not sure where to go or who to ask if this is normal, I feel like it isn’t. Him and his sister get along very well and he is a really good big brother.  I can give more information and background if it helps, I just don’t want these thoughts turning into action if we need to be addressing it immediately.
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You need to see a psychologist who specializes in pediatric psychology.  Either he's using this as an excuse to get away with stuff or there's something going on that isn't working right.  You need to find out before he acts out in a way that is truly harmful.  
I totally agree with this, in case you needed another opinion.
Thank you both for the reply, now I know what type of help to look for. We will reach out for help.
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This is just my impression after being a mom.  It never hurts to run these things by your pediatrician BUT, this is not an unusual way for a 7 year old to talk or handle things.  My own son would say at that age "my brain told me to" when he broke a rule and he got in trouble.  He's not mentally ill.  :>)  It was his way of explaining that he was compelled.  

I think unless you see other things going on, not to read too much into it.  And know that ALL kiddos of this age occasionally do the wrong thing, break rules, etc. and try to protect themselves when they know they are going to get in trouble or it once caught.
"His brain told him to do something very dangerous to his sister."  Enough said.  Better to be safe.
The average onset of schizophrenia is 18.  Talk to your doctor about it.  I do think kids describe things in a way that sounds like they are saying they are hearing voices.  He may have some emotional issues that need to be addressed but this would be early for )schizophrenia and 'hearing voices'. Often this is the way a child describes thoughts that they are having and he may be upset with his sister. Again, talk to your doctor about it though.  
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