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My wife sometimes can have memory lapse when under huge stress - please help

Long story short, when my wife is very disappointed about me eg: I said something she doesn't like, I had bad attitude towards her, etc, she would first be very disappointed or got mad at me. Then, all of a sudden she would not recognize me or not knowing where she is. When I talked to her, it seems like she thought she was still in the town she grew up. And she appeared to now know she has a husband, but she still knowns what her name was, etc. Sometimes after she falls asleep, she will 'get back'. What's wrong with her?

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Hello. That sounds like something you should check out. Sincerely. This is at times of high stress? It is true that being extremely upset can have a physiological effect on your brain and narrow your thinking. But this sounds a little extreme. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/alzheimers-disease/in-depth/memory-loss/art-20046326  This link has emotional disturbance, stress and anxiety listed for a reason to have short term memory issues but this is more in the realm of not remembering that moment, not forgetting people, places and things in the recent past and going to a different time in your life. that sounds almost like dementia. I would talk to her doctor about it and then see if they think she should see a neurologist.
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