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Please describe your experience with stress.

Picture of areas of the body that are affected by stress Everyone is familiar with stress. We experience it in varying forms and degrees every day. In small doses, stress can actually be beneficial to us. It is only when the stress becomes too great, affecting our physical or mental functioning, that it becomes a problem.In small doses, stressors can help give us increased energy and alertness, even helping to keep us focused on the problem at hand. This type of stress is good. People may refer to the experience of this type of stress as feeling "pumped" or "wired."As the level of pressure gets too great, stress eventually surpasses our ability to cope with it in a positive way. Often, people describe themselves as being stressed out, burned out, or at wits' end. At this point, it is important to find positive and productive ways to deal with the stress and, more importantly, to address the person or situation that is causing the stress.Everyone reacts to stress differently. Each of us has a different level of pressure and anxiety that we can handle without a bad outcome. Only you can assess your level of tolerance to stressful situations. The best treatment for stress is to prevent getting into situations that are likely to overwhelm your ability to cope. This is not always possible because the stressors may often come from outside sources that are beyond your control.It is important to distinguish between our response to usual stressors and other conditions that can feel like stress, such as panic disorders, anxiety disorders, or depression.
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I have been getting hives for over a year, been tested and nothing shows up. All the tests are negative. I have been treated with prednisone and the day after I take the last one I break out again and each time it is over larger areas of my body and itches more and I have scratched myself to death. Now I am not only red and itchy but got little sores where I have dug myself so bad. Benadryl is no longer working and Zanax doesn't do much anymore either. I feel like I am going nuts with the stress and need help desperately.
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My daughter is 18 and she is experiencing total numbness in different parts of her body. Sometimes it can be her face (most common), or other parts like legs or arms. Her doctor is saying it is stress. We are hoping others can share their stories of similar situation to ease the stress level.
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I feel stress when in front of public, my face and ear get red and hot, and I am worried.
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Well, we all have been facing a hardship called COVID-19 since 2020 especially. During this pandemic, I have been suffered a stressful time, It all started when my whole family members were corona positive except me as I was living alone somewhere. When I came to know about this I lost my senses. It was the worst thing I have ever suffered. I was so stressed at that time. I can't meet my family. I had been living in stress for a month. I can never forget this in my whole life.
It's definitely been stressful. I'd wonder if they now have had covid, if you actually 'could' be around them because they likely won't get it again so you wouldn't get it from them or they wouldn't give it to you once they are past the contagious stage.  I hope all are healthy now and had mild cases.  For many, mild seems to be what happens.  At the very least, perhaps you could visit with mask and distancing in place?  I think isolation is the hardest part of this pandemic.  Do you facetime, zoom, skype or what have you?  that's a way to 'see' people too.  Hang in there, my friend.
I'm not sure we know this yet.  It appears most people who have had it do have immunity in a couple of different ways, but a few have gotten it a second time and nobody knows how long this immunity lasts.  Might be a long time, might be a short time.  We also don't know if even though they have immunity they can't get it without being made sick but could pass it asymptomatically.  On the other hand, with a mask and social distancing there's no need to be completely absent from their lives.  I've heard of people with large yards who gather in a way that is distanced and safe, assuming you can travel safely to and fro.  You could meet in a park.  My wife had to face this when her Mom died, and she did fly home and spent time with her family unmasked, which was very dangerous especially since she has nephews who are in the young ages who are spreading the disease to everyone else.  But it worked out fine, fortunately.  I have to say, for me, my life is pretty isolated anyway and has been for a long time, but that doesn't spare me the stress of knowing this is going on and our country has handled it so badly and that it didn't have to be this way.  
@GuitarRox, We are overwhelmed with god's beneficence and yes, all my family members completely conquered this mishap but still my grandpa is under observation by my family as covid's consequences affected him to some extent but nothing is serious.
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When I get stress it mostly effects my stomach.  I get  butterflies in my stomach or I suffer from  a severe  bellyache.  So much so I can't hardly tolerate it.
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