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Talking to myself.

I do this quite a lot, sometimes even move my lips as well.
Is this normal?
Why am I doing this?
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I personally think a lot of people talk to themselves and do so frequently and it is not a problem.  Some live in a rich imaginary world and they talk out loud to themselves out of loneliness.  It's a coping mechanism.  And others just do it to self organize.  Harmless any way around it.  If "it" starts talking back and telling you to do things that are criminal or nefarious in nature?  Okay, we'll get worried.  But talking to yourself, pretty common.  :>)  
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Agreed. Most people talk to themselves sometimes even out loud so you don't need to worry about it :)
didn't know others did it. Since I only know one person (myself) who does this.
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It may be normal for you.  Lots of people do this.  In fact, pretty much everyone does this in the sense we all have thoughts.  So the question would be, does this bother you?  Are you having anxiety about it?  Are you doing this in a way that is new for you and is causing concern?  In short, it's only a problem if it's a problem for you.
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Yes it's a problem for me. due to various factors, people in Lebanon tend to immediately think you're crazy. Which has made it extremely difficult to make friends, combine this with tics and .... well you get the point.
Then I think you have two choices.  Work on not doing this anymore by practicing not doing it or accept this as who you are and stop caring what you assume others are thinking about you.  Given what Lebanon has been through, well, since the Ottomans conquered the place, it's kind of hard to imagine everyone there not being at least a little crazy by now.  We all are pretty peculiar, us humans.  Some of it we're improved by changing and some is better left without thinking about it as life is hard enough without making it harder.  I think this is probably as common in Lebanon as it is anywhere else, but if it does bother you that much again, two choices:  stop doing it or stop caring what others think.  
I mean think about this, not about everything.  Oops.  
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I think it is normal.  Every senior I know does it!
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Almost everyone I know period does some talking to themselves.  I do it all the time myself!  
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