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What could be wrong with my nervous system - extreme reactions, emotions, feelings

For as long as I've known myself i have had a body that overreacts to everything, a body that is hypersensitive to everything and that i am never able to control. I am hypersensitive to cold, heat, dirty things gross me out way too much.

when i get angry it tends to go too far even though i'm just trying to get a little angry. i wrongly perceive peoples intentions and end up overreacting when it should not even happen. I have been having racing thoughts since i was a kid an have never been able to stop it for one second (it causes so much headache an my brain gets so hot that it makes me wanna kill myself!). it affects my concentration very greatly and has destroyed my educational and social life.

I have been getting sexually aroused in since i was about eight years old and tend to stare at women's breasts at that young age (without control) even till now! and i cannot control it.

sometimes i feel intelligent sometimes i dont because sometimes i drool  which i hate so much and i cannot control that too! The worst part of the whole thing is that these problems literally grow as i grow. my sexual appetite is now way off base and i end up having to masturbate to bring it down ( i dont have a girlfriend right now plus this problems make my social life awkward enough). I get disgraceful erections every where and sometimes i go as far as tying my penis to my thigh! which does not really work because the erection is always painful (the muscles).

this thing has pushed me to the extent where i almost raped someone! i swear it i was on top of her but somehow i stopped myself only to go and masturbate again which fixed nothing. a lot of times it feels like my body is wrongly wired and it feels like a high voltage is being sent through my body. the part where i almost raped someone is not a joke. i have been to psychologists and they recommended fluoxetine and this sleeping pill that i dont remember the name (cuz i dont take them anymore cuz they dont work) but the pills dont work. please i dont have the strength to constantly masturbate anymore! i am tired of endless thoughts wearing my brain out i am tired of this stuff please what should i do!!!!!! i don't want to end up being a rapist!!!! help!!!
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I have a suggestion for something to look up and see if it applies to you. It's called sensory integration disorder.  It is neurological and involves faulty signaling from the brain.  It's termed a developmental delay and there is a wide range of symptoms.  It can affect people in different ways.  Processing is involved so people may feel things and it's interpret as painful, they then avoid contact.  Or they crave contact and firm pressure.  Some have emotional regulation issues where they greatly over react.  Or processing of issues where they don't get all the fine nuances of speech and 'miss the joke' or don't get context or true meaning of what others are saying.  They have trouble with eye contact and conversation.  They  have trouble blocking out stimulus.  Easily distracted and have little impulse control.  They also could be sensory seekers.  When kids they liked to spin ,bang into things, felt like they were 'climbing the walls'.  Or they could be the exact opposite and avoid all of this.  They can have low registration where they have trouble staying engaged and they then have various behaviors to do so like humming, moving, masturbating (also part of sensory seeking), eating spicy food, etc.  It's complex.  An occupational therapist works with people on this. Usually things are targeted in OT toward little kids, but there are plenty adults can do.  

And sincerely, if you almost raped someone, it's time to get help. Regardless.  You need go to strategies for impulse control.  A therapist that works with ADHD would be able to help with some strategies even if you don't have ADHD and medication doesn't work.  

If you feel, at any time, suicidal, please immediately reach out.  I do think you need to begin working with a professional to get some skills to work through some of these issues.  Hang in there.
thanks for your reply. everything you mentioned is straight to the point and correct. but the problem is in my country (nigeria) 98% of doctors do it for the money. money that i dont have. these doctors do it for the glory, the social status and money. they don't care who lives or who dies trust me. and speaking of suicide i have attempted it many times over  just to try and put an end to all the things i mentioned. the last one i attempted was almost a success i was so afraid of dying that i called my dad and spent the next six days in the hospital getting poison flushed out of my system it was horrible. another thing is i dont even know where to look for a doctor that can help me. ADHD sounds like something too advanced for nigerian doctors. all they brag about is knowing how to cure malaria. i really want this thing gone but i dont know where to turn.
I'm guessing your estimate of how many doctors do it for the money is an exaggeration, as I'm guessing Nigeria doesn't have enough wealthy people to make that a reality.  People who are depressed tend to exaggerate the negative and dismiss positive possibilities without evidence, it's part of the disease.  You definitely need professional help, but doctors are human beings and like any other human being, some are a lot better than others at what they do.  If you really want to see a place where medicine is done for the money, come to the US where there are a great many wealthy people and an employer based insurance system.  It's not a problem confined to Nigeria.  It's a problem of human beings.  You just have to find those who can help you but you have to help them help you or nothing good will happen.
I'm sorry there are difficulties with health care in your country. That's tricky then to get true help.  So, here is a self test you can give yourself for sensory integration which is ADHD's neurological cousin except medication doesn't work.  https://www.additudemag.com/sensory-processing-disorder-symptoms-test-adults/.  What does work is something called 'heavy work'.  This is basically muscle work.  Lifting weights, swimming, running up hills are examples of a work out that fits that description. Then deep pressure. Weighted items sitting on your lap.  Tight squeezes.  Things like swinging.  A hammock swinging will give you that lateral movement sensation that is calming to the nervous system as well as a tight squeeze.  These things probably sound like they'd never work.  But my own son has neurological issues and these are the things that regulate his nervous system them most. Are you able to work and hold down a job of some sort?  Do you take fluoxetine? Did you try it and did you try it for at least 8 weeks?  That's how long a medication like that should be attempted to take in order to give it a chance to work.  If you are suicidal, then this is really imperative.  
@pixaled, true i may have exaggerated a little bit there but i am also speaking the truth. you can do some investigation on your own to find out.
@specialmom, thanks i will follow your advice and perhaps start the flutex medicine again when i've saved up enough money to resume the medication (following a doctor's prescription of course).
I wasn't saying you exaggerated to be harsh, but to make sure you don't give up.  I hate when young people come on here and give up.  When you get old and things are still out of whack, okay, but for young people, there is so much time to find something that works for you.  Below you talk about your family.  I understand that pressure, although I'm from the US I am also from a culture that emphasizes wealth.  But at some point you have to live your own life and your family will come along as long as it works out for you.  When it doesn't, they will continue to be concerned.  In the US we have people from everywhere in the world, and some of them from Africa and Asia have become comedians and talk a lot about the pressure from their parents to become doctors and the like.  The pressure is real, but in the end they aren't going to be living your life, you are.  All the best.
thanks for the encouragement. i will not give up.
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One confusing thing is you said you saw psychologists and they recommended Prozac, but psychologists don't prescribe drugs, they do talk therapy.  Psychiatrists or other physicians prescribe meds.  So were you ever in therapy?  According to your profile, you're 25 and live in Nigeria, and I"m pretty sure none of us know what's available there compared to the US where most of us are.  Society can be very hard on people in certain cultures, so are you able to talk about this to your family, friends, and health professionals there?  Also, rape isn't the same as an uncontrollable sexual urge, it's a different thing, more about controlling someone else usually.  Obviously, there can be exceptions where someone is with another who says no and they push for a yes, but when it goes to force, that's violence, not sex.  If you're going there, you need help right now.  I hope the resources to pursue this is available to you.  It's good you're pursuing help.  I hope Mom has given you a good lead.
sorry i meant to type psychiatrist instead of psychologist. plus the rape came as a result of all the frustrations of not being able to put all the impulses under control. like i mentioned this thing destroyed my social life and education. all my friends are already graduates but not me. a lot of them have even dumped me because they think my life is 'underwhelming' (or sucks for short) all because i dont have a degree. all the frustrations put together is what lead to the attempted rape.
Again, there are a lot of frustrated people in the world and they don't all rape women.  So again, if you are at the point where you are trying to rape women, your need for help is urgent, and hospitalization might be necessary for some breathing room, as you also mention suicide.  We can't know what your life is like minute to minute and day to day or what's available in your country, we can only go by what you tell us on this forum.  Taking that at face value, you seem to be at a crossroads with your disease.  I hope you find the right road.  Peace.  
I know the rape almost happened just once and never after that. i made sure it would not. plus the circumstances surrounding my issue is just too much that sometimes i don't remember them. but i do remember now that the pressure from my mother to become rich no matter the cost worsened everything. back then, around the time the rape almost happened my mother was one of the people who made my depression worse by labelling me the black ship of the family because i just wanted to live a seemingly not so ambitious life. that was what she perceived. I come from a country where if it does not come out of your mouth that you want to be a doctor, banker, engineer or other top notch careers you are a useless child. mentioning the fact that i almost raped someone is not easy for me but i had to to just express how far this problems of mine has pushed me. I am pretty sure that i am not the only one that frustration has pushed to almost rape someone, I am just one of the few who has the guts to say it because i know that that is not who i am. I am saving up for medication though. looks like i will have to visit that psychiatrist again. thanks for not being harsh to me. really thank you cuz where i live. if anyone hears anything like this from you you are automatically frowned upon by society even though you only mentiond the rape thing to them because you are seeking help.
Try taking ALA (alpha lipoic acid) ~600mg/day. This is an antioxidant that can help regulate the nervous system. Take less if this causes any unpleasant side effects- some people can be sensitive. Also consider looking into whether you have too many heavy metals in your system, they can cause our minds to act out of balance. Have you or your parents ever had a "silver" mercury dental filling? Often these can cause imbalances in our minds. My whole family is currently detoxing from heavy metals and everyone is improving. Also, try meditation, it is great for calming the mind and allowing us to have more control over it. Go out into a peaceful nature spot in the morning. Sit down comfortably with your back straight. Breathe in for four visualizing energy moving from your belly to the top of your head. Hold your breath for four. Exhale for four, visualizing energy moving from the top of your head down your back to your sit bones. Hold for four. Repeat. Do this for 10 minutes to start. Repeat at the end of the day before going to sleep. You can message me about how to do a heavy metal detox (I am not a doctor, though I've read chemical books on the subject and of course consult a professional before undertaking any new health program). Try to get your energy out in other ways. Tire your body. Do as many push ups as you can three times a day. Go for a run. Write, or express yourself creatively however it is possible and seems therapeutic. Keep your goals positive and let go of self-judgement. Do your best. Seek a good therapist/support system. Heavy metal toxicity commonly causes depressive/suicidal behavior as well as procrastination and many other things. Be consistent. You will find a way that works for you. Pray to God for guidance.
While detoxing from heavy metals can be done, keep in mind that the fillings in your mouth, like the asbestos in your house, isn't harmful unless it's released into your system.  The way you do this is to see a dentist who specializes in removing all your fillings and replacing them, which will probably result in root canals as removing large fillings can damage teeth.  Or teeth being pulled, which can result in implants, which will put different metals in your mouth.  It's probably better in most cases to let sleeping dogs lie.  The other problem is that heavy metals damage us when we're very young, for the most part, and so it's kind of too late when you're an adult to fix the neurological damage as it's already done and permanent.  It's not to be taken lightly.  As for lipoic acid, it's main two purposes are it's involved in the production of cellular energy and it's one of the only antioxidants that protects both water and fat soluble nutrients, so it's very good for the liver (fat soluble) but also protects vitamin C from oxidation, a very important function.  But that's a very high dose, and I would want to consult an expert before taking that much.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  Also, silver and mercury are two separate metals, and it's the mercury in particular that's the neurotoxin -- silver is actually used as a supplement in a form different from that used in crowns.  When you remove the mercury, it forms a gas, and if that gas is improperly vented by a bad dentist, and this is common, again, you're worse off than if you left it alone.  Be careful out there.  Peace, all.  As for the rest of this advice, it will depend a lot on the person.  Running isn't recommended for anyone, though it is fun; it's very hard on the body and when you get old you will know that.  There's only so many push-ups that it's healthy to do for the average person -- we're not a bunch of bodybuilders out here so don't do more than your shoulders can handle.  Praying works for those who believe in God, but I'm sure not everyone on here does and there are many other ways to live a good life.  Again, what a person should do is very individual, so while the above might indeed be just the ticket for some, make sure you're one of those it will serve and if not, there are lots of ways to get where you're trying to go.  Peace, all.
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