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I was exposed to airborne asbestos while contractior removed insulation from a pipe in an old house.  It was a 40 ft pipe in the basement.  There was visible dust in the basement.  I was there watching them 1 hr a day for 7 days without any protection.  It has been cleaned by professional one month after the disaster.  Am i going to get an asbestos related diseases from this short term exposure.  I have been extremely worried about this.  Please get back to me
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I doubt it, if asbestos were really that dangerous, there would be no old people. Asbestos related diseases are usually brought on by long term asbestos exposure.
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Usually long term expose is more of a risk.  If you are still worried go to your physical and get a chest x-ray.  Signs and symptoms of asbestos related diseases usually take 20-50 years to develop so better to be safe than sorry.
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