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263 Days Clean off Methadone

Hello Everyone I am Clean off Methadone either it is 263 or 273 Sorry I forgot soon as I turned the page. And I would Like to say I'm feeling Pretty much like My Self again. My Moods took some time to Even out but soon as they did I felt so much better.
I did have my Antidepressant Upped but that is also because I have found out that I have Terminal Cancer Stage 4 Melanoma and I have been Fighting this Cancer Since 2002 anyway I wanted to give a Shoot out because this is how Long I have been off Methadone..

Thanks All
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No One Said a Thing How RuDe....
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Hi, I just joined and came across your update....Good for you! I wanted to ask you, how you did it? I am taking 10mg a dat sometimes more when. Just want to sleep but, has still been too afraid to stop all together.....
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hi my name is chris and i just read your post and i am soo proud of you. Your story put tears in my eyes. I hope you keep fighting this terrible disease and I will put you in my prayers. God bless chris
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Im glad to hear that u are clean i was just wondering is it really painful to come off of people say it gets in ur bones when u take it i dont know how true that is did u alot of withdraws i take 110mg a day i dont think im ready to quit just yet because it helps my cravings for the other drugs i was on but when i do i would like to know what i have to look forward to. and keep up the good work
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I am on 120 and know how you feel, I too wonder if I should even try to detox more. And to ladyrhea4, how did you come down and then off? Could you let us know how? Thks!
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thats amazing and gives me some hope, i've been taking 10-30mg of methadone a day for the past 3 years, i have a half of a 10mg pill left and after its gone, its gone.. im def scared to go through this but it has to be done, reading some of these storys of people taking over 100mg of methadone a day def gives me some hope aswell because what im gonna be going through can't be as bad as what they must be going through taking that much more a day then i have been, good luck to everyone! aswell to myself! i hope it'll all be ok!
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Hi! I just reread your post and windered how you are doing? What is going on with the melonoma? I am still on my methadone I have came down 20 in the last month. I am 58 yrs old and need to get off this stuff! If you get a minute drop me a line. Brenda
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