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Atypical migraine-Can they do damage to your brain?

I am a 48 year old female. I have a history of classical migraines. I have been experiencing episodes where I get a sudden onset of a severe throbbing headache, severe nausea, mental confusion, hearing loss, stuffy nose and watery eyes, right-sided weakness, cold feet and hands, and visual disturbances. I have had many tests-brain MRI, total blood workup, medication changes. I have seen my Family Physician, ENT, and Neurologist. I had full scale Audiology tests that determined symptoms were caused by central nervous system not ears. My neurologist has diagnosed Atypical migraines. My questions are: Can this type of migraine cause brain damage? Is there any known medication that possibly gives relief to these headaches? I was prescribed Migranal. It takes the pounding headache away but that is all. How do audiology tests determine central nervous problems when a migraine was not present at time of testing? If a physician or anyone in the forum might have information, it would be a great help. I have researched and cannot find answers. Information will also help when I see my Neurologist again.
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There are some animal studies which suggest that atypical migraines or migraines in general can cause brain damage. Another recent study has shown that migraines cause the brain to swell up thus cutting oxygen to the neurons resulting in brain damage.
Therefore researchers are now putting stress on the importance of preventive treatment of migraines not just abortive treatment.


Therefore it is important for chronic migraine sufferers to take preventive medications like beta blockers, Topamax, calcium channel blockers, magnesium supplements all of which have been known to reduce the frequency of headaches.
Any patient suffering from hearing loss needs to undergo audiology testing to make sure ear causes are not causing the hearing loss. If that has been ruled out it can be safely said that the hearing loss was a part of symptomatology of migraines.

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Thank you for the information. I have been in touch with my Neurologist. Your information helped greatly in the quesitons I asked him.

Thank you again.
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