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Exertion Headaches or Not?

I'm not sure what I have, possibly exertion headaches? I get strong headaches in the back of my skull, just above the base of my skull. The only time I get these headaches is after short bursts of intense physical activity.

The headaches are powerful enough that I must stop whatever I am doing and wait for the headache to pass- which takes about 5 minutes or so. Does anyone know if this could be an exertion headache or something else? (I will be consulting my doctor as well).
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Hi...it does sound like exertion HA's....

Do u also get HA's with strain?....such as carrying something  while climbing the stairs?
During elimination?

I am glad to hear u r going to ur dr, he/she is better able to dx what is truly going on.

Please post an update : )
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How are you? Are there other symptoms present? Exertion headaches present with generalized head pain of short duration  during or following physical exertion (running, jumping, or sexual intercourse), or passive exertion. Majority of this type of headache are related to migraine or cluster headaches. However, the cause must be accurately determined by your doctor. Your medical history and direct clinical examination are important. Take care and do keep us posted with your doctor's appointment.
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