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Frequent Headaches- Diagnosed Migraines?


I am a 22 yrear old male. I was recently diagnosed with migraine headaches. Migraines run in my family. I have headaches only on my right side about 5-6 times a week starting in the late afternoon and in the evening, occassionally in the morning. It is a dull feeling of pressure, sometimes turning into a more intense pain that is often in the back of my head. I have also sometimes had a difficult time typing, mixing up words and letters, I'm not sure if that type of confusion is an effect of migraine headaches.

I went to my family doctor for this problem in August of 2007 and was given an MRI with and without contrast that was normal. I was given naproxen and my headaches went away over time to a normal frequency.

Recently these headaches have come back to be more frequent and naproxen has not worked. I saw a neurologist and after a physical exam and some questions he diagnosed me with migraines. Is this diagnosis correct and is an MRI good for this period of time to rule out anything serious?

Thank You
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A Family Doctor is usually a general practitioner and will send you to a specialist if need be. So you have visited a neurologist.

Your MRI, probably of the brain, is reported normal.  Since you have had a neuro consult now, and since he didn't order another MRI, feel assured there is nothing serious.

If there is no cause found for the headache, a primary headache (like migraine) is diagnosed.

However, if you want to know if there is anything else that may be responsible or contributing to the headache, you may have to consult other specialists sharing the area, like an eye specialist, ENT specialist etc.

If you think there is a pointer (like your vision not being as good as it used to be, or there is any sensation of block or pressure in the nose) you can visit the concerned specialist. Since you have pain in the back of head, one would suspect the neck as well.

Not every doctor knows everything about headache.

Best of luck,

Thomas Antony
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Thanks for writing in.
If you have already been to a neurologist and undergone neurological exam which was normal then the possibility of other conditions like stroke, aneurysm has been ruled out.
I would suggest you to try and identify a trigger for your migraines. Since you get these headaches in late afternoon it is important that you eat on time. If you have an early lunch, make sure you eat something in the late afternoon. Low blood sugar is often  a trigger for headache.
Have you been prescribed medications for migraine? If yes please continue with the medication. If there is till no improvement you can go for a repeat MRI.
Take care!
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Request a copy of ur MRI disk and the report......sometimes it is a good idea to review what the radiologist has on the report.

Some findings r reported as incidential, which in many cases r not!!

As the dr mentions above there r other things that can give u the same symptoms...if all r ruled out and the pain persists...have another MRI.

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