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Frequent Headaches

I have been getting frequent headaches, sometimes they feel like a normal headache and sometimes it feels like tention in my head and sometimes with that I get pluged ears, I don't feel stressed out and there is nothing unusual and no changes in my life style.
Can anyone tell me what is causing the headaches, please and thank you:)
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Are you drinking or eating anything new , have you a low blood sugar do you eat before Bed, check out what you are doing there could be a clue.
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No I haven't been eating or drinking anything new, last time I did all my blood work everything was fine.  Before bed I like a glass of milk (and that's what I'm having now)
I try eating healthy home made foods with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, I hardly ever eat out and if I do it's no junk food.  
So it's really interesting why I have been getting those headaches.

Thank you for responding:)
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Your headache could also be due to sinusitis. Do you have runny nose and congestion?
The best treatment for sinus headache is steam inhalation. You can try taking it for a couple of days and see if it helps.
I would also suggest you to get your ears and eyes tested to rule out ear infections and eye sight problems. Do keep us posted.
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Hi Doctor,

Thank you for gettng back to me, I really apreciate:)
However, I have no runny nose and have no congestion and no pain in my ears so this is odd, I will go and have my vision checked.
I will let you know the results:)

Thank you:)
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I was diagnosed with tension headaches, I have no problem with my vision and no problem with ears.  
How can I avoid those headaches?
Is there a special dite, or foods I should avoid?
Provide me info so I can learn more about it
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