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Headache with 2 bumps 1 on top 1 on bottom back

Best friend developed 2 small bumps on his head with constant headache at times with migraine severity about 2 weeks ago. No OTC meds help at all. They are tender to touch. He has not bumped or hit his head on anything no trauma to his head at all....
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Where are the bumps - front of his head, side, back, neck?

Has he seen a doctor? He really, really needs to. Bumps can be caused by many things, some very serious, some not at all, but please try to get him into a doctor. Any time you have new symptoms and severe pain, it indicates something is wrong.
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How is your friend doing?  I think a doctor is in order.  When you say bumps, these are where?  Top of head, base of skull?  Where?  They are muscular in nature?  Sometimes we can get a muscle knot that hurts and a massage therapist can do wonders. That would be more if it is by the top of neck, up the bottom of skull. This can definitely give a headache.  But something else that comes to mind is tumors.  Hope not, but he should get checked.  I do want to say that I have various bumps on my head.  I just do.  Lumpy. But I don't really think about it or realize it unless I have a headache and I'm rubbing my own skull.  The skull in general has spots where muscles attach and in general all of that can get tight and give us a headache.  Your friend could try putting ice on the bumps.  But again, best thing is to see his doctor.  
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