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Headaches After Automobile Accident

About 3 weeks ago I was involved in an automobile accident.  The other driver ran a red light as I was attempting to make a left turn.  Not sure how fast he was going (maybe 30 mph?) but he hit me in the front driver side corner (luckily the impact wasn’t head on or directly into my driver side door).  Also luckily I drive a big 1500 Dodge Ram and he had a Toyota Camry so that differently helped me out.  Nevertheless at impact I ‘bumped’ my head on the top ceiling kind of above the seat belt.  I didn’t hit hard but bad enough to put my hand on my head to assure I wasn’t bleeding.  It was kind of like when you bump your head on a table or counter.

The next day I started to get mild headaches.  I went to an Urgent Care facility and the doctor didn’t seem too concerned.  She said if I had symptoms such vomiting, double vision, etc.. go to the ER cause it is possible that it is something move serious.  She said it should go away within 1 – 2 weeks.  She said that it is possible that I might have a mild concussion.  I also had a pretty decent size knot on the side of my head that went away after about a week.

3 weeks later and I am still getting these headaches.  On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say the pain has not surpassed a 3.  A lot of times it only lasts maybe 5 minutes (sometimes less) then goes away; other times it last hours.  However, I receive them multiple times per day.  It really is not affecting any of my daily activities much but they are starting to get annoying.  Before the accident I almost NEVER got headaches, maybe 1 every 3 months.  So I am starting to worry this could be something more serious.

If they continue within the next week I am going to set up an appointment with my GP (which I haven’t seen in years).  Has anyone been in the same situation or have any advice.  I have a few basic questions…

1. What are the chances this is more serious like a brain bleed?  Like I said the headaches are pretty minor and I have no other symptoms.

2. Any suggestions on how I can minimize the headaches?  I am not a big fan of taking pain relievers.  In fact over the 3 weeks I only took a pain reliever once and it seemed not to help.

3. If you have been in this situation how long have the headaches lasted?  I have done minimal research and have read that they have lasted years?  I am hoping that really is not the case for me!

Thank you for all the help.  I apologize for the lengthy post!
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  Hi and welcome to MedHelp.

May I ask, did you follow up with your PCP? If  not,, you may want to as your own Dr may do more to help figure this out and do testing to help relax your fears.

It is possible for whip lash to take time to be visible and can cause head aches....I had it and it took over 14 yrs to be DX'd as I did not go right away for testing....and it is treatable with PT.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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From what you are describing I would have to agree with the doctor from Urgent Care. It sounds like you are dealing with the effects of a concussion. If you are really concerned talk with a doctor at a Concussion Center. The exercises the doctor had my daughter do helped her feel "normal" again in about a week.
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Thank you both for your advice.  Its been going on for about a month now and I have an appointment with my PCP this Thursday. Good news is that the # of headaches per day seems to be starting to decline.

Is it possible I got whiplash even I really never got any neck pain?  

Also flipper326... just curious what type of exercises did the doctor have your daughter do?
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The exercises were simple little things like standing tall with her arms straight down her sides and feet together. Then see had to move her head slowly up and down (chin to chest and back up as far as it would go) with her eyes open. Then she had to do it again with them closed. The exercises she did at the center I cannot even begin to describe.
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  It is possible to have whip lash and not have neck pain....as headaches and even shoulder and back pains can also be the symptoms.

It is something you may want to rule out.....

Good luck at the Dr appointment.
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