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Imitrex and Paralysis

I have Migraines Daily for Years. It times they last days. Go to bed with them, wake with them. I have been put on everything from narcotics (which I refuse and hate) to Beta Blockers. (Which Do help) Currently on Propanol. But my very FIRST and ONLY time using Imitrex Oral Capsule. I took the medication and I was sitting in my reclining chair and in about 15 mins I became paralyzed for 2.5-3 hours. I had no other medications in my system. I DO NOT use drugs or drink alcohol. Only Imitrex. My husband honestly thought I was joking. I could not lift my head. I could not move my arms or legs. I could not swallow my drool. I swear if my breathing and blinking where not involuntary I would not have been doing either of those. I have met someone else that this has happened before to them as well. But the time it took their body to recover was about 30-45 mins much shorter then my own. I was panicking. I couldn't do anything for myself and I feel as if I should not have to state this but I could do NOTHING for myself. All my muscles where relaxed and nothing was working. I was an invalid. I was crying. I was scared. My husband reassured my I would be fine and I was over reacting. But I was not. I was scared and now that I have met someone else who shares my same nightmare. But what I can't understand I try to do research for this, I see it is a rare side effect but I can not find anyone speaking about it happening to them. Please someone, has this happened to you?
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This hasn't happened to me to the extent that it did you, but it makes me unable to move my jaw. I just clench it, and can't seem to unclench it. It's the strangest feeling, and I can't imagine how you felt. It must have been so scary.

I hope someone else comes along that can relate to this more, but in the meantime, definitely let your doctor know about what happened.

Migraines really stink. :(
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