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My chronic migranes

Hi my name is Lizmarie. I have alot of problems with my health and the doctors I have seen never give me a diagnosis that I feel comfortable with. First problem I want to ask help with is my migranes. I suffer from extremely painful chronic migranes. I have been hospitalized so many times in the past 6yrs I lost count, couple times for up to 8 days due to migranes so horrible i get double or spotted vision, pain on my neck, numbness and loss of strenght to one or both arms n legs, painful pressure behind my eye, sensitivity to light and sounds, vomiting, nausea, confusion, blurred speech, poor coordination and balance, shoulder pain, disorientation, loss of hearing, pain on my jaw and teeth and pain on the center of the parietal bone which touching increases the pain...I have been checked for meningitis 3x and always negative...Once they thought i was having a stroke because of my symptoms. I been having these migranes for so many years it doesnt help with my depression. I feel helpless. They put me on fioricet and even with them I get no relieve. I just want an expert opinion to help me ask for specific test to be done to help me find a cause instead of always being told i suffer from chronic migranes and getting treated with narcotics for pain and be left to deal with this 3-5 times a month sometimes even more and rarely a bit less. Most times it creeps up on me which gets it out of control and hard to get under control which usually means a trip to the hospital and sometimes I feel it coming slowly and im able to prepare and stop it or at least keep it from getting out of control. I need advice on what to do and an opinion of what it could be so i can better ask my doctor to check for something more specific.
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I have some good news for the migraines at least. I also suffer from migrants and would visit the ER sometimes because they were so bad. The ER would give me a shot of Imetrex and I would feel much better within about 20 minutes. The ER Dr recommended getting Imetrex injectors that you can use at home on your own. I have been using them for a few weeks and the work so good I recommend them to my wife and we both are able to get quick relief.
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Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

The Fioricet is a PRN abortive medication and you need that as well as preventative daily medications. You need to inquire about meds such as...Buspar, Catapres, Inderal, Topamax, etc.
Treating migraines before they happen is the key. Talk to your doctor about preventative steps.
One of the major symptoms of a magnesiom deficiancy is ...severe headaches...
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You need good MRA tests performed on your brain and neck to make sure that you don't have anything strange going on with the blood supply. Probably you are suffering from migraine though. Don't feel like they don't care about you. There is not much known about migraine. If they would know how to help you they would.

But as AKC said, there are good medications that work for most people. You must find a doctor who can help you with an arsenal of drugs. A preventive to take every day, a triptan maybe to take when you feel an attack coming on and an abortive drug if nothing else works. Please do this since your attacks are so terrible.

Best of luck!
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I cut out all artificial sweeteners. You MUST do this. Then I realized that my mouthwash contained a variant of saccharin(worst of all the fake sugars) in it. I stopped using it and all symptoms stopped.
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