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No pain Migraine vs MS vs I'm Crazy!

Hi everyone. I am 40 and am awaiting a LP for the final test to rule in/out MS. My story: about 10 years ago I started to get a numbness/tingling in my face- mostly across my cheeks. It would only last a few hours or so and then go away. I had went to the ER the first time it happened and they said it was Bell's Palsy. I continued to get these random episodes of face tingling which seemed to progress into concurrent light sensitivity and a dizziness type of disoreintation. I went to a neurologist and had an MRI which I was told was clear except 1 "white spot" and it was probably a complicated migraine.

Over the next 10 years these episodes occurred off and on and still only lasted an hour or two. Even though I did not have a headache, I would take advil and sit in the dark for a bit and things seemed to improve. I was buying the migraine idea, though I never had much in the way of headaches. I continued to follow up with my neuro once a year with MRI's which showed no change in the one white spot. I had all the evoked potential tests which are normal.

Recently I started to have one of my episodes, which always start with the tingling in my face then progress to dizziness. This time it has lasted over 3 weeks. Extreme dizziness (almost like when you get off a roller coaster feeling), fatigue, ear fullness, legs weak and sometimes feel twitchy, my whole head feels tingly and pressure, my tongue numb, and left arm weakness. No symptom is constant but seems to come and go. I went to the neuro, had a new MRI which showed no change in the white spot. He said he wants to get a final word on MS so he ordered a ton of blood work to basically rule everything else out and a spinal tap. All my blood work is normal. I am having the spinal tap next month.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Similar stories?  The last couple weeks I have felt great, except today I started getting the light sensitivity and face tingling.  Now it has progressed into slight shakiness.  It always proceeds the same way which I think is strange.  Thanks for any help!

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Also I fogot to mention when I get my episodes, I find it hard to talk correctly, my hands don't like to function and sometimes I space out and stare.  And the episodes seem to be more frequent just before I get my period.
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Any thoughts?
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My wife has simaler issues nobody can tell her what is wrong they tell her she has hemapolic migraines and nothing can really be done if you get any answers please post thanks
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I don't know but it sounds like it could be a hundred different things.. I don't believe in the MS though..
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Thanks for your replies.  I am still on the fence about MS too, it's like my neuro wants to give me a diagnosis and he doesn't know what else to do.  Biggen73- does your wife's symptoms last for days?  I am on day 3  
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I think this that the symptoms always come in the same order is typical for migraine, no? And if it is hormonal as well, it points to migraine, as far as I know. It is still good to see a good neurologist and do the necessary tests though, of coarse. But the most likely thing is probably migraine. So you should be starting some kind of migraine treatment. Have you tried any meds? And stop the coffee!
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