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Possible Brain Tumor??? Plus Migraines and headband headaches

I am almost 14 and have had one migraine in the recent past. I
was wearing a headband that day. Ever since that first migraine
my headaches have been frequent, and im not really sure how to
describe them. But, i often have them when i wake up, or when
there is sudden source of bright light. The main cause of them
though, seems to be my headbands. They are the stretchy elastic
ones, not the hard ones. I try and drink plenty of water, and
take Tylenol, but nothing seems to make them go away. They fade
on their own, or go away maybe 30 minute after i take the
headband off. I am afraid something may be wrong, because the
headaches appear only about 45 seconds after i put the headband
on. Could i be squishing something that shouldn't be there?

I have also been getting tons of muscle spasms. I have had the in my left eyebrow, my knee, my calf, my lower back, and one in my neck.

I need to know whats wrong with me i think i might have a brain tumor.... is it possible??
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What you describe are - external compression headaches. These are seen in some individuals secondary to sunglasses, hats or headbands use. They are not an indication of an underlying brain tumour. The treatment lies in prevention of the cause. Avoid wearing headbands and the headaches will cease to appear. Also adequate sleep and plenty of fluids would be helpful. Avoid alcohol and smoking. If the headaches still persist consult your physician. Goodluck.
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Yes wearing headbands can precipitate a migraine attack and i would suggest you to stop wearing them completely.If your headaches are not beimg controlled by OTC painkillers i suggest you consult your physician about other treatment options like imitrex which has been found to be very useful in young people. Apart from that eat your meals on time, maintain your hydration and do not stay awake past your normal bedtime. Take care!
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I am 15 and I have the exact same thing!!!!!
i know it is bad, but cracking my neck sometimes helps...
I also find drinking tons of water helps.
i find i get the spasms and cramps in my arms. mine have definately got worse though. If you find anything else that helps let me know!!!
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