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Possible headache's

Hey guys i hope this is the right place to post this i have been getting this constant head pressure for the last 3 weeks with no break its just constantly there its so bad that i need to nap everyday i just can't stay awake it's mainly on the right side of my head and on the top as well this was following a very stupid incident i went out had a few drinks and did a little cocaine every since that day i came back home with very pulsating feeling in my head i went to sleep but it just never left i'm not sure if i have caused any damage or how to even go about it do i talk to my GP what do i ask for it just seems to get worse everyday. thanks
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*I forgot to add i do not have any history of headaches or and medical issues at all*
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Sorry to hear you have had this unrelenting headache.  It's not relieved by ibuprofen?  There are possible reasons such as while drinking/doing coke you were clenching your jaw, holding your head in a funky way or hurt yourself.  Or you messed up your sinuses from the coke?  Let me know if ibuprofen gives you any relief.  If not, I guess ya.  Time to get checked out.  Is tis like in a specific area of your head or your neck or can you pinpoint?
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@specialmom Thank you for replying i have tried ibuprofen with no relief i have been going to my doctor but he has put this down to migraines i have taken all the medication he has prescribed with no relief either. I did have a very very bad infection from a root tip that was there for years i had surgery to take this out given antibiotics and that's it at this point i'm thinking of maybe getting a CT scan just to rule out anything serious which i hope it's not but you can never be sure but this might be tricky seeing my GP will not do this but maybe its worth asking. As for the coke i'm not sure this was the issue it might of been maybe it did something to the blood flow to my brain which would be very unlucky seeing its not something i had done in the past was just a one time thing which was a very stupid choice.
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I'm sorry you are having this as a chronic issue.  Now, I have absolutely heard of it taking a good deal of time to relieve pressure from a root/nerve issue with regards to a tooth issue. Do you get any relief when there is pressure on that?  Does anything like massage help?  (that was a life saver for me).
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James, it has been a while since your post. Any updates on your condition?
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