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Pressure/tension headaches and vision issues

I am 37 years old, 5'10", asian male, 160lbs, frequent exercise, regular healthy diet,  extensive travel in Canada, U.S. and world travel. 

I was a normal, healthy person who never went to a doctor and then suddenly these all started and have been worsening:

- sudden intense floaters, burning eyes 
- which became constant eye problems: severe burning dry eyes, extreme sensitivity to light, other strange visual issues including double vision looking left
- pressure at the forehead and nose bridge as well as tension headache at the right side of the forehead.  sometimes some random sharp pains at the base of the back of the head. PAIN MEDS: 0 EFFECT.

- random ocular migraine, after shadow and auras while eyes closed
- Constant brain fog, problems with concentrating and memory, disorientation, dizziness, feeling off balance 
- random high pitched ringing

I need to emphasize - they all came from nowhere, have all progressively gotten worse, have never disappeared. 

- Ophthalmologists checked out all normal
- MRI normal, CT Head normal 
- CT sinus: clear.
- not diabetic, no HIV, nothing checked out positive

- Shortly before everything started I went to Rome, Barcelona and all over Germany with a school of people

These issues have majorly disabled reading, exercise, my job, my life. This is a living nightmare. I'm in pain, scared, and desperate. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

(Please note, this was a modified version of an original post to reflect my symptoms)
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Try a search on spontaneous CSF leaks to see if your symptoms match. I have this and many of your symptoms match mine. Do you have nausea or metal taste in mouth? They can be very difficult to detect so doctors look for something else or give you medication to treat symptoms without finding the cause.
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For the most part the symptoms do match with the exception of the metal taste in my mouth.

What I haven't mentioned from above is I have had all these symptoms surface soon after I had a bad infection on the location where there was a root canal done. Recently i have had a procedure for cavitation infection which removes the bad bone that grew as a result of a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction.

Have u had any dental work done?
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Yes, I have yet to see one.  Hopefully I can see one soon
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Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

Sounds like you have done most of the typical follow-ups except for a Neurologist. That would be the next step then you can get started on some preventative meds.
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