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Shoulder pain, migraines

I'm awaiting awnsers from a specialist, but I'm too anxious to keep waiting. You see, this all started about three years ago, I was working as a CNA and had a resident pop my shoulder out the posterior side. For six months I waited for some kind of reason to why I had no control of my arm, and why it popped out all the time. I finally got a specialist and went into surgery. All seemed well until a few months after surgery, when my arm again started popping out, but this time it was even more.  To add to the discomfort, my scapula started to wing out.  This time they did surgery to remove scar tissue from behind the scapula. Then,  did another to tighten the anterior side.  Now, over a year later, things couldn't be any harder. Just a few months after surgery things started to go down hill, but with workers comp issues, it's delayed any further treatment.  I have continuos migranes, neck aches, my scapula again wings out, and grinds, shoulder pops out, it seems to be disconnected, or seperated rather than popped out, but it hurts. My shoulder literally sits funny, like it's pushed forward, and when I try to put in back so I don't look like a beefy footbal player, it catches and is very painful.  The headaches and migranes seem to come from the swelling from the scapula. The weird thing is, I have a VERY high pain tolerance, and seem to never notice most problems. It's scary to hurt so bad b/c I'm really not used to it. I asked my doctor two things, why did the surgery fail, and why am I having such problems with the migranes. His response was that I was double jointed, so he doesn't know how the arm will stop stretching out (he also said this was going to happen no matter what b/c the double jointed, which I can't believe b/c I did this line of work for six and a half years, and NEVER had problems), and for the migranes, he agreed it's probably from swelling.  Here's my question for the board.....if it's constantly swelling, and hurts in my neck and upper back, is this going to cause perm. damage? Should I be scared it's hurting my spine? And can it be fixed for good? I have a hard time accepting that it'll never be fixed, look at how many athletes are d.j.'d and go on with their lives.  I'm so scared, can some one please help?
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I understand your concern.

Have you been referred to a rehabilitation medicine specialist? I suggest that you seek consult with one. I can not tell how often cases like yours occur but in the absence of previous trauma and persistence of your symptoms even with intervention, your condition needs to be further evaluated. Prolonged swelling and pain in the area may not necessarily cause a spine problem but this will definitely affect your quality of life. If this is a difficult case,you may need a second opinion.

I know you are highly anxious about this but do be proactive about this. A referral to a rehab medicine specialist and a pain medicine specialist will be able to help.
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Where I live, any kind of specialist is pretty hard to find. My PT is scared to work with me, he said he had one other girl who had to move away due to her snapping scapula, no one around here could help.  My doctor says I'm a rare case and when he said I needed care with a doc who really understood lax people, workers comp said they'd find a specialist. So, I waited, in pain, and here we are a year later still waiting. My doctor was so frustrated he finally sent out the referral to a doctor he thought was up to standards for this case.  That was a month or so ago, so who knows how long it'll take. As far as a pain specialist, I had no idea one existed.  The reasoning behind me thinking it's causing spinal problems is (1) my back and neck pop just breathing, this is rather new (2) three of the doctors I talked to said that usually a winging scapula is due to neuro problems. And, with the pain and unusual stance of the shoulder, I can't even sit myself  up straight. I am so scared, and wish there was more around here to guide me through this.
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